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So I’m on PlayStation and I was finally able to play with a friend on Xbox that wanted help with his star chart and we ran everything within 4 hours. I’m actually overjoyed playing with other platforms and can’t wait to play with more people. Have a good day my fellow tenno.

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Hey @CompleatBeet_963


I'm afraid that cross-play is not available in Apex Legends. It's definitely something that people have been requesting since the game launched, but unfortunately we don't have any additional information on if this will be coming in the future. If we do have more information on this in the future we'll post an announcement to let everyone know. 


I'd recommend watching the Apex Legends Twitter page for news and updates on things like this. The team will usually post announcements there when there's an update coming to the game. 




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Stories like this are what makes the all the work, worth it, and the end result so sweet. Thanks so much for the tale of good cheer