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Latest Patch NotesDeveloper Bulletin 0.8.10 (about 4 hours ago)


12 minutes ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

The standard tour areas will be open when we are there this upcoming weekend.

It should be noted that while there will be ship volunteers around the ship to help educate and inform visitors of the ship, there won't be official tours offered.


2 Carrier Battles

35 minutes ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

Personally I agree with you, I don't think CV require anymore nerfs. But I have nothing to do with game balance so my opinion is just my opinion.

Smolensk isn't being nerf'd because she is a special ship... she isn't even confirmed to be being changed. Shes just being looked at.

I really miss campaigns

41 minutes ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct


We're heard about the player concern about not having some longer term grinds to work on of late.

You may have missed that over the weekend during the KoTS finals we announced a new longer term grind in the new Shipyard and Ship construction system


While its not a campaign we hope it will create a long term goal for players to work towards similar to how the campaign system works.


Public Test - 0.8.10 - Round One

about 1 hour ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Starts - Thu. Oct. 24 9:30 AM PT Ends - Mon. Oct. 28 8:30 AM PT

Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.8.10!

The "Italian Cruisers: Part 2" event, a new Season of Ranked Battles, and maps that have been updated to incorporate the reworked lighting model! These and many other improvements await you in the 0.8.10 Public Test! Take a look through the Developer Bulletin, and welcome to the test!



Combat Missions and Rewards

Missions of the Autumn Season

You can read more about the Autumn Season in a dedicated article.

Starting Bonuses

How Do I Access the Public Test?

Public Test - 0.8.10 - Feedback

about 1 hour ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi Commanders!

Please provide us your feedback on the following during 0.8.10 Public Test:

Luigi Sansonetti

Ranked Battles

Visual and other enhancements

For bugs and issues please follow to this thread

Public Test - 0.8.10 - Bugs

about 1 hour ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues during the Public Test session feel free to report it in this thread.

Please follow this template for submitting bugs.

1. Description
Short description of an issue with required details.
Example: spotting-aircraft doesn't work on Iowa battleship

2. How to reproduce
Exact steps need to be made to reproduce the issue
Example: 1.Take Iowa battleship with spotting-aircraft equipped 2. Go in battle 3. Try to launch spotting-aircraft

3. Result
What's the result of the issue.
Example: after pressing spotting-aircraft activating button you can hear an aircraft sound but nothing happens, the aircraft stands still.

You favorite anime

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

Nope... For the last 3 weeks, I watched only 3 or 4 series of various titles in total.

Post event Ship XP question

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

You can just click on your FXP and Orlan will have it there after the event is over.

Post event Ship XP question

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

Sooo... Your initial questions seems resolved to me, you don't mind me closing the thread?

Post event Ship XP question

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

It doesn't' matter. You don't need to own a ship to have an EXP on it.

You favorite anime

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

I'm watching Vinland Saga, SAO Alisization Part 2, new season of Seven Deadly Sins, No Guns Life, Boku No Hero Academia and waiting for new Psycho-Pass.

Update 0.8.9 - Feedback and Performance

about 1 hour ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

Ehm... If you talk about Halloween operations than they are supposed to be hard and challenging. Everything else with bots like coop is very easy and can be won even 3 vs 7... Other operations are harder than coop but still can be won pretty easily. And bots don't have such good hit rate. They can miss even in situations when a player would hit you with 100000% chance.

What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

about 1 hour ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Thank you everyone for coming out and commemorating the Battle of Leyte Gulf, if you haven't yet, make sure you check out the other Battle of Leyte Gulf events occurring this week! Onto our winners, please PM your desired ship (must be a currently available doubloon ship )

Our randomly selected winners this week are:




And lastly, lets not forget everyone with Valid entries:

No contest this upcoming week, but stay tuned for the next one!

Did NA just crash or is it me ?

about 2 hours ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

Since it resolved, I'm closing this topic.

2 Carrier Battles

about 2 hours ago - Bualar on Forums - Thread - Direct

I can understand the frustration. Sometimes I also spend almost all battle trying to dodge enemy CV planes. But that 2 CV battles on high tiers occur even less frequently than battles with no CV at all, at least from my experience.

WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

about 2 hours ago - d_gladkov on Forums - Thread - Direct

If you do not want to download WoWs again you need to do very complicated steps inside WGC files. I am not sure that such complicated steps would be better than downloading the game again

Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

about 2 hours ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

Here's your fix.

Also, it should be integrated into the next small update.

About to do them now :)


WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

about 2 hours ago - d_gladkov on Forums - Thread - Direct

Everyone who has faced the issue with this error "2023 / 3023 error (Game installation error other than specified / Unable to install the game. )"! You have downloaded bad WGC update that broke your application. Sorry, but there is no easy way how to fix it.

Please do selected steps to fix the issue:

Disable option "Get updates before the official launch" in WGC settings

close WGC

open Terminal application and paste this command:

rm -r Library/Application\ Support/\ Game\ Center/

Start WGC and install WoWs again

The Pumpkin Smash Bounty - General Discussion

about 2 hours ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

These are community based event that do not take away from the developers working on the game and bugs. That work is being done concurrently.

Sorry about that, thread should be unlocked and good to go now :)


[ALL] ModStation

about 4 hours ago - MedvedevTD on Forums - Thread - Direct

The example you give is a consequence of the fact that the person installs your mod and any other standard camouflage.

As a result, first your mod is drawn, which you draw on the ship itself, and on top of it the standard camouflage already selected by the user is drawn.

In order to prevent this from happening, there is an option in the selection of modifications:

Installing a mod that removes the display of standard camouflage will eventually do the following:
Standard camouflage will be transparent, and your mod applied to the ship model will be visible.

Why is camouflage removal divided?

Because it has to be a conscious choice of the person who sets any camo mods.

By selecting this option, the person will eventually not display all the other standard types of camouflage, although the bonuses will work

You can of course use a more subtle setting in the ...

Read more

The Pumpkin Smash Bounty - Sign Up

about 4 hours ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Do you feel illuminated when you're holding a candle?

Have you always felt that Orange is your color?

Are you convinced that you came from a vine in a patch?

Then you very well may be perfect to be a Pumpkin Participant in this Season's Pumpkin Smash Bounty!

Event Article / Event Forum Discussion

Okay, so there is a few more conditions that just those, but if you are interested in participating in the Pumpkin Smash Bounty as a Pumpkin Event account you're in the right place to apply!

Simply reply to this thread answering the following questions before Midnight on Saturday the 26th (Central Time):

Which (if any) of the previous bounty events have you participated in as an event account?

Event coordination occurs on Discord, do you understand how to use this program?

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The Pumpkin Smash Bounty - Halloween 2019 November 1st - 3rd Event Article / Event Sign-Ups

Spooky spirits haunt the waters of World of Warships...and this time, they're not just sticking to Halloween Scenarios!

Sinister "pumpkins" are out in force! Join the haunted hunt to haul in a bloodcurdling bounty. You've got two ways to win -- shoot 'em up or join the Pumpkin ranks.

Track down a Pumpkin and sink their ship to be rewarded with prizes!

300 players will be behind Pumpkin Accounts named "Event_Pumpkin_xxx"

They will introduce themselves with a message of:
“Halloween may be over, but the Pumpkins will still haunt you! Sink me for a special prize (TKs not counted)."

Simply destroy their ship and you will be rewarded with:

100 Doubloons

5x Hype 3 Halloween camo

5x of the following signal flags:

Papa ...

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It's ,ain use is in going through flak, where you get a lot of damage, but the damage isn't focused on one plane.

Yes, T8 have an ability to perform in T10 matches, both you and Akizuki probably played well and used your strong sides.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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