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Naval Legends: U-995 Trailer

1 day ago - on News - Thread - Direct
Watch the trailer for the next episode of Naval Legends! Read more

Let me clarify.
You're trying to use WG account with steam?

Genova compensation

1 day ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

There will be a doubloon compensation for those who received credits for Genova.

The patch fixing a bug with compensation for Genova has been released, and the compensation for everyone is going to happen pretty soon.

The first third-party game is now available in the Wargaming Game Center—Steel Division 2, a historical real-time strategy game. Read more

21 Oct

Frequent internet droputs

2 days ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

Player support can answer that question much better - andthey would probably need more infromation - like what system are you using, drivers, etc.
Just write to them and they will try to help.

Hey Captains,

I'm posting this here in hopes that we can reach the appropriate person. One of the staff from the Haida has emailed me informing me that someone who attended our event had talked to them about a coding machine that they wanted to donate to the Haida Radio Room. The staff at Haida is looking to get in contact with this person but didn't get a chance to grab the contact information from this person.

If you or anyone you know has this machine that they are looking for, please reach out to me directly so I can get you in contact with them.

Hey Captain, I apologize you weren't able to purchase your tickets in time. Unfortunately, this event was highly sought after given the limited nature of accessing the ship in its current state. The Eventbrite page where the tickets are purchased on showed exactly how many tickets were remaining at all times. Unfortunately with all ship events because there is limited space to handle such large crowds of people, there will always be a limit on how many tickets are available. We actually had sold out several weeks ago, and the ship allowed us to increase the cap of tickets as noted in some of the earlier posts here in the forums.

But you do bring a good point that we should emphasize the limit on tickets for future events as it might not be as obvious to other people. If you aren't able to get tickets to this event from others, we still have another event happening later this year also in Texas that we would encourage you to join us for!

Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

2 days ago - on News - Thread - Direct
Haul your ammunition stocks aboard and get your guns loaded! Let’s take a quick look at the updated set of rules for the forthcoming seventh Season of Clan Battles. Read more

best warship for 15-20 km range.

2 days ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

It really depends on battle tier, since 15 km at level 6 isn't the same as 15 km at level 10.

I sincerely hope that there has been a misunderstanding on your side.

The tickets weren't closed, support just've said that they needed some time to check the situation, and it probably had happened because you've created two identical tickets, and one was closed and merged with the other. Please have patience. UPD. And it seems the issue was resolved in support.

[ALL] ModStation

2 days ago - MedvedevTD on Forums - Thread - Direct

This is not the problem of the ModStation program, but of the game client.
The black screen bug fix is scheduled for the next patch
At the moment, the problem is solved by simply restarting the game client, which you did when you removed the programs (although it has nothing to do with it) :)

King of the Sea IX

2 days ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

It's just our testing showed that Italian cruisers hit the right spot in balance almost immediately, so we didn't have to do 3-4 iterations of testing with them, like with other lines. Sometimes this happens.

We had her in plans for a long time, and she seems like an interesting concept.

Probably. Richelieu and Georgia work, and Richelieu has smaller guns, which allows some cruiser to bow-on her, while Georgia is even a tier higher. They both have stronger armor compared to Borodino, though.

We very much doubt that we'll be putting any more T2 pre-dreadnoughts in the game in the foreseeable future, but in case we need that, we can just call her "Borodino 1905".

Up to your taste.

You can turn off chat, but if you really have frequent internet problems - we, sadly, can't to anything, and I personally respect your decision to not let your ...

Read more

ST, testing

3 days ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct


20 Oct

King of the Sea IX

3 days ago - Umbaretz on Forums - Thread - Direct

Before we get into the swing of things, we would like to remind that the KOTS finals took place this weekend on the Official World of Warships streaming channels (Twitch / YouTube).

The hotly contested King of the Sea tournament’s regional and international finals were broadcast live from our Prague office with the expert commentary from our special guests Flamu and Izolate! Check the Official World of Warships website for full details:

Now that the PSA is over, today we will talk about new...

Read more

19 Oct

Italian premium crate heads up

4 days ago - KARMAT1KA on Forums - Thread - Direct

Captains! If you can't behave yourself I will be locking this thread.

Please conversations on topic and constructive without insulting other players and staff members.

18 Oct

Clan battles maps

5 days ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct


There will be an article up early next week with all the details you need for CvC Season 7 :)


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