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Originally posted by Warden:
Originally posted by djhato: okay i completely missed that. ignore my suggestion.

thanks for your time.

You get five skill points if you complete all tasks but totally up to you
You get 4, you just also typically level up while doing them, so it seems like 5.

But those 4 points aren't needed to max the skill tree, so it's essentially just an up front bonus.
27 days ago - Shurenai - Direct link
Originally posted by onanonehand8: Four skill points for such a small amount of time seems like a good deal to me.
Yeah, same. Plus it's a bunch of stuff you will or should be doing fairly early anyway;
Making a stone axe, a weapon, a ranged weapon, a bedroll, a basic outfit, etc.. It takes like 5 minutes tops at the start of a save, if even that long, gets you 4 skill points, and has you set up to be able to manage whatever task you want to bugger off to do. The only downside to the tutorial, to me at least, is that you Must make specifically a 'Wooden Club', and not just 'any primitive melee weapon', ie, wooden club, OR, stone spear, leather knuckles, stone sledgehammer.

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