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@Ubi-Keo the cut scene for the meteor never triggered. It tell me “after whitnessing something fall from the sky Eivor meets a mysterious old lady who claims to know a secret from training that’s she will share.” But I can not find the house she was suppose to move to. I have searched all over the village and nowhere to be found. Is there every way to reset the quest or a location of where her house is. I’m not sure what to do from here and I can’t move forward with the quest.

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Hi @TwistedIncubus I'm sorry to hear that you never encountered the cut scene with the meteor. I have created a new thread for this issue as it is different to the previous issue that was reported for the quest 'A Challenge From the Gods' which has been resolved. 

As you did not see the cutscene this would be the reason why you are unable to see Hilidran near Ravensthorpe.

I am unsure why you did not see the cutscene. Can you try fast travelling to another map such as Norway then fast travel back to Ravensthorpe in England to see if that triggers the cutscene. If it doesn't could you try loading an earlier save before you received the quest in your quest log.