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I've been playing Valhalla for a few weeks now; it is my third play through the game. All has been running fine, though I get an occasional crash.

But this morning, when I started up the game, Ubisoft Connect did an update of itself, and after that - every time I run the game it crashes, just as I start to move around. I'm in Canterbury, just finished the tasks in the Cathedral, and wanted to move further into town to explore - but I can't... the game just crashes.

Later note:
Okay, nevermind, I now see this is a known issue that has existed for years... I'll try lowering graphics settings, as recommended elsewhere.

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Hi @DerellLicht I'm sorry to hear that your game has been crashing after the Ubisoft Connect update earlier today.

I have seen other players have reported issues launching their games since the update and as a workaround they mentioned disabling the Ubisoft Connect overlay. I would suggest trying this if it isn't already disabled.

Could you also take a look at the PC troubleshooting article and run through all the steps listed then try again. The support article contains some of the most common fixes for crashes, freezing, FPS drops and more.