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Hey guys, I'm having region issues. I have a US PS4 account (I don't live in the US anymore), but I live in Dubai. I bought WOTD and Siege DLCs from the US PS4 store by topping up my wallet and I downloaded the game. Now I'm getting the infamous 'Waiting to Install' and 'Unable to find application' errors. I tried to install the games from a new PS4 account that is created in Dubai but I'm also facing the same issue in that account as well. Please help. thanks!

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Hi @SomalieDXB I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues downloading your expansions.

The region of the game disc must match the region of the PlayStation account in order to download and access the content. As the content was purchased on a US PSN account you would need a region 1 game disc.

The only other alternative would be to contact Sony for a refund request then repurchase the content on your other PlayStation account that matches the game disc region.