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I am currently playing AC Valhalla. I have just got done with the In Dreams.. quest with everything done in Asgard? I return from Asgard. Valka is there waiting. I wake up and she is saying, "Eivor...awake so soon?" I defeated the bad guy in The Big Finish. what am I doing wrong? Have I missed something? I drank the potion again and went back, just to be sure I got everything. I got everything on the Asgard map. and still...Valka's saying, "Eivor..awake so soon?" Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @metaldawn71 I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to complete the quest 'In Dreams...'

After completing the quest 'The Big Finish' a cutscene should play then the quest objective should change to 'Use the gate to Jotenheim' then you should wake up and speak to Valka to finish the 'In Dreams...' quest. Did this happen for you?

I would recommend loading a previous save before the 'Big Finish' quest and try completing the quest again. However if this is not possible or if the issue still persists could you please provide a video so that I can check that this is a bug you have encountered, I can then report it to the development team to investigate.

In the video can you please show the following:

  • Your quest log screen and your completed quests screen (scrolling to the bottom)
  • Your map in Asgard
  • Then return to Valka to show that you are unable to complete the quest 'In Dreams...'

Can you also confirm if you encountered any crashes whilst playing the game.

20 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@metaldawn71 Thanks for the update, I'm pleased to hear that you were able to complete the quest.

I'm also happy to hear that you are enjoying the game 🙂

With regards to getting stuck in a wall in Asgard, I'm sorry to hear that you experienced this, I will let the Assassin's Creed Valhalla team know.

If you experience any further issues please let us know.

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