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, The game says I have the DLC and season pass "installed" and I have swords and stuff but I don't see any way to go to Francia or do the Ireland stuff or continue the Dawn of Ragnarok Norse stuff. Do I really have the DLC or does EVERYBODY's AC Valhalla say "installed" in the in game valhalla store? It's been a while since I bought it so I don't remember and I'm launching from the Ubisoft launcher so I don't know.

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Hi @FrenIndeed87 apologies for the late response.

If the in-game store is recognising the expansions as being installed then you should be able to access them in-game.

Please check the support articles below for more information on how to access them:

Wrath of The Druids
Siege of Paris
Dawn of Ragnarok

If you are still unable to access the expansions can you confirm if you purchased the base game and Season Pass on the same client? (Ubisoft Connect, Steam or Epic)