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After the nine boss animals were up on the wall I did wonder about the tenth space. I killed the boar in Ireland and earlier on the Auroch in France. For the Auroch I got its head in the inventory. I have visited Petra's friend whatshisface, he said he was impressed (or whatever) and I got the screen with the nine crosses . . . but no tenth crossed-off animal, no trophy on a wall and the head is still in Eivor's inventory. To be fair, the inventory is still bonkers with tons of one-use items clogging it up so another one isn't a big deal.

I am not sure what happened with the Irish boar.

But anyway - is that how it is supposed to work?

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@spirantcrayon22 There are only nine legendary animals to hunt for Wallace at the Hunter's Hut.

The Legendary animals that you fight in the expansions are not included on that list, however I am unsure if they are supposed to be mounted on the wall in the longhouse after being handed in to Wallace.

I will look into this further.

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