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After beginning the trial of champions on AC Valhalla I lost everything in my inventory that I’ve earned up until this point, including mounts and quiver and ration upgrades. It has now been 3 weeks and I’m still getting the reply “we will provide with an update when we have one”. This is absolutely ridiculous as I’ve preordered all dlc and I don’t even want to play this crap anymore because I have NOTHING. I cannot get most of the things back because the weapons and gear collected throughout the game. I pretty much have to play everything over to get back all of the weapons mounts and ravens I had. The word hate doesn’t even describe the way I feel about Ubisoft and it’s support. This level of incompetence and neglect in unacceptable and should be penalized. If I didn’t love the series so much I’d petition to have Ubisoft closed for being utter trash and a crap stain in the gaming world.

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Hey @balboa568

I found your support case and looked into the issue but as mentioned in the support ticket, there's nothing further we can tell you at this time. Also, just so you know, your support ticket closes after 4 days without a response after one of our responses. However, just because your support ticket closes, doesn't mean the issue is being marked as resolved. We have our own communication with the dev team to track issues, and the issue is still known to us and we have also forwarded your save file on to them to help with their investigation.

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