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On Stadia, I turn on Valhalla, click okay, then when prompted to "Connect Me Now!" it just sits idle and does nothing.

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Swaggins - Direct link

Hey folks,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues connecting.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the pop-up or a short video detailing this?

If so, please drop it into the thread and I can pass it onto the team for further investigation.

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link

Hey guys,

Thank you for the images.

We have passed this report on to the team to be looked into, apologies for the inconvenience this causing in the meantime.

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Swaggins - Direct link

Thanks for confirming that this is resolved for you now.

Is anyone else still encountering this issue?