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Prettt much as title says, when starting up, get to the point of “checking addons”, it tends to crash to homescreen.
It doesnt happen often, but often enough that i feel i ought to report this.
Start game again, no problems.

It never has crashed while playing, so far. (68 hours)

This seems to have started after the discovery tour part was released.

There is no possible fix on my end, though I do notice this can happen if items were added like from an Amazon gaming prime freebies.
Or after I have changed something big in the menu, like switching from hybrid to controller only.
Like the last crash happened when I started it back up so : crash to homescreen, started it again, noticed in the menu it was now all of a sudden set to keyboard and mouse only because controller didn’t respond seemingly, I definitely didn’t do that.

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @troopercooper80

I'm sorry to hear the game is crashing on startup sometimes. Can I just check if you are using the Xbox's quick resume feature, or do you turn off the game and console completely when you finish playing?

Also, do you get a specific error message or error code when it crashes?

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Hey @troopercooper80

Thanks for getting back to me. Strange that it's only started happening recently but at least it isn't happening every time. The only other things I can think to check would be if you have the game installed on an external drive, to install it on the main HDD and see if that helps prevent it.

You can also try clearing the Xbox cache following the steps below:

Switch your Xbox Series X or S off via the controller or power off button on the console.
Unplug the power cable from its electricity source.
Wait at least two minutes.
Plug the cable back into your power source.
Turn the console back on
The cache should be cleared.

Hope either of these help you out.

about 1 month ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thank you for confirming that for us @troopercooper80 , appreciate it!

May we please know more about when the game itself crashes? Such as;

  • How long into a session do you usually get before it crashes?
  • Is there anything you find you're usually going in-game when it crashes (fast travel / mid mission / etc)?
  • Are you able to test with a new save to see if the behaviour is unchanged?

29 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @troopercooper80,

Thank you for your update and clarification. It is great to hear that this seems to have stopped happening.

Can I check for investigation reasons whether you can recall, did the crashing stop following an update or anything in particular?

Many thanks

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I hope this issue doesn't start occurring again on a regular basis but if this does change please do let us know. Thanks!