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@aorus2017 I can confirm that the development team are intending to fix this with a future update, however we have no ETA on when the update will be released.

Please keep checking the known issues list and the news and announcements page for updates.

@longjohn119 The issue with no flame on the torch is still being investigated. With regards to the other issue you mentioned, Eivor being caught on fire by invisible flames, can you provide a video to show this?

9 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@Azhrei21 As I previously mentioned in this thread, the issue with the torch has been reported and is still being investigated.

Hi @longjohn119 I understand it would be difficult to record the issue as it's something that happens randomly and you have no way to reproduce it. Unfortunately the development team would be unable to investigate this issue further without an example and more information on how they could possibly reproduce it.