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So, after like 70h+ of gameplay I was on Ravensthorpe upgrading some stuff just to see how they look and I found 2 huntsman armor there, I have upgraded one and when I equip the low level one changes for the new level and looks the same, and gets worse, if you upgrade the armor stats they duplicate again and go back on the status, and if you go
again they duplicate again lol. So, how to get rid of this? I cant even sell the "bug one". Here some video for understanding its on PT-BR btw (it's even hard to explain this)
about 2 months ago - Ubi-Mark. - Direct link
Hello Gonbak,

Sorry to hear about your experience.

Can you please confirm if the issue persists after restarting your game? We'd be happy to discuss things further with you over on our new forums. These forums for the game have been discontinued, so we won't be assisting players further here in the future. Thank you!

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