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After fighting Hilderan, a cinematic enters in which Hilderan approaches the statue of Freya then appears a kind of white flash that covers the entire screen, after that the game crash. This happen not only with the game installed on my pc but also playing it through Gforce Now.

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Hi @D4M1TC4L I'm sorry to hear that your game keeps crashing after fighting Hildiran. As this is happening on your PC and playing it via GeForce Now, it seems as though your save file is affected. I have created a new thread for this issue as it is different to the previous issue that was reported for the quest 'A Challenge From the Gods' which has been resolved.

Could you take a look at the PC troubleshooting article and run through all the steps listed then try again on your PC. The support article contains some of the most common fixes for crashes, freezing, FPS drops and more.

However rather than retrying from the current save file, could you try loading a previous save before you started the quest 'A Challenge From the Gods' and try again.