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Only the Basim outfit does the normal/typical assassination with the blade on the bottom of the forearm. For the other legacy outfits like Altair/Ezio/Edward the blade is on top and does its normal assassination. It looks weird on a outfits like theirs. Not just takes away from the immursion of using the older assassins outfits but Eivor's own hidden blade heavily clips into hand or the outfits sleeves.

So changing the hidden blade animation and replacing the hidden blade model for Altair's, Ezio's and Edward's legacy outfit (only for the one-piece skins since Bayek's outfit does not have sleeves or gauntlets) to the one Basim wears since its animation and model is in the game, meaning its reusable and transferable to other ourfits. If you can fix this much appreciated.

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @marako0524 thanks for your feedback, I have forwarded it on to the development team.

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