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Unequipping a Harbourmaster item to replace it with another results in no available items screen, although there are several present in the storage.


Hey there @blendmode

I'd like to collect a bit more information about this issue from you.

To start with, can you let me know if you have any mods installed and list them for me if you do?

After that, go ahead and follow our Basic Troubleshooting Guide. Make sure you Run Ubisoft Connect as Admin when you verify your game files!

Once you have completed those steps, open the game again and give it another try to see if the same thing happens. If it does, it would be extremely helpful if you could Record a Video of it, as that will be easier to follow along with when testing on our end than screenshots.

Once we have this first little bit out of the way I should be able to go ahead and get this reported up for you!