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Hello, a great game, such a game and birthmarks are great. What a bug with an oil berth was worth, allowing for a more reasonable use of the pixels of the islands, I didn't even know that this was a great bug, and unfortunately, fixed unlike others quickly, it was possible to leave. Let's leave the lyrics. After a break in the game, I found a bug, diplomacy does not work. Actions that everyone knows about do not work, but apparently they are not so often used in the window of diplomacy, if I needed someone from the AI to declare war and not interfere with pirates and other AI, it was possible to withdraw from the alliance for a short time with them before declaring war, this allowed the AI to maintain those relations with other characters that they had at the time of the declaration of war, which I used very often, and in reverse order if I needed some of the characters to be my assistants in the redistribution of islands. A terrible BUG, no matter how I tried not to catch a corrupted game in saving, it happened. I already had to destroy the game with saving more than a thousand hours, it was the turn of saving 2500 hours (I hope you understand that I was not constantly sitting at the monitor, just a perfectly built economy and satisfaction of all needs, a PC allocated for the game personally))) allows you to leave the game for 10 or more hours, repeatedly it was ± 60 hours, absolutely without attention, while the research institute creates specialists and subjects). I don't use mods, and I don't consider using them, I checked the game everything as you ask, checked all the early save files, it doesn't work, moreover, I asked friends to check, to whom I personally gave tips on how to use the diplomacy window, the result is identical. I hope the answer will be positive and you will be able to fix this bug. (auto translation, if something is not clear)

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Hey @BenDefo

As mentioned above, if you could provide a screenshot highlighting an issue or a video clip, that would be great to help us understand what you want to report so we can check if it's already known or not.