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I recently bought the new ornamental DLC, Pedestrian Zone. Most of the elements work, however canals and a few random ones are just blank and can't be built. The game behaves as if I'm placing grass in that there's the grid guide, but no model loads for what I'm building.
I've tried verifying the games files but that didn't find anything wrong with my install.

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@andromeda_2205 Hey there! Welcome to Discussions! I'm sorry to hear that you're running into some issues with your new DLC, however. Since you've already tried verifying your game files, would you also try reinstalling the game to see if that gets the DLC working properly? If it doesn't, would you either grab some screenshots or a quick video of this issue?

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@andromeda_2205 Gotcha, thanks for the update and the picture!

Would you be able to test if this occurs on a different save game?

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Another suggestion @Andromeda_2205
If you're using any kind of mods, the "City Ornaments" mod seems to cause a very similar problem. Please disable/remove it and test again.