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I just got a newspaper article reporting a shortage of electricity in Manola. This seems to be similar in nature to other false newspaper articles regarding lack of Schnapps and missing marketplaces. I looked at many of the production buildings and, as far as I can tell, they all have electricity.

One thing that might be relevant is that shortly before I received the message, I had completed the Dam. So I turned of the oil fired power stations, because they were just duplicating the effort of providing electricity and wasting oil.

Ticket raised with save file "Manola Electricity Bug"

4 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @Asterix201252

Thanks for reporting this false newspaper report too. It could be 1 bug causing all of these issues but I'll report this one separately so the dev team are made aware of this one too.

2 months ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey @Asterix201252, are you able to provide us with an affected save file to pass along for the investigation? (if this is still an issue for you)

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Mushy - Direct link

@Asterix201252 Hey there, sorry for the delay! I was able to locate that save file, so I've forwarded that over to the team for further investigation. Thanks again!

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