20 days ago - EA_Mako - Direct link

Hey @bggufi,


This sounds like we may need to check whether your account had been unlinked during that situation, as that would result in missing content and progress like this.


We are unable to review your account on the forums however, so please reach back out to support so they can take another look.


You can create a case through the EA Help site to get started, or if you prefer you can also speak with them over Twitter or Facebook instead.

20 days ago - EA_Mako - Direct link
Sorry @bggufi, we are unable to review account details or make changes from the forums.

Support would need to take another look over the situation if you're still missing content after recovering the account.

I'm not sure why you were provided a Microsoft link initially, but please use the ones from my previous post instead if you're reaching back out to support. Mako.png