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To give some more detail on this. There is a bug - *my* bug - on the gladiator card presentation screen. It will be fixed in the upcoming patch; it was already fixed before I saw this post, but I wanted both to comment and also ask for feedback on whether or not this fixes things. From reports internally, it doesn't *seem* to matter if OTHER people have the animated banner pose; only if you do; we had a group of other devs playing where 2 of 3 had animated poses - and both froze - but third with a rare pose did not; but that might just be luck. This makes me think it's not. But I'd love to get more feedback on if that's the case. Even if non-Epic poses trigger this, it seems to be much, much less often.

There's no obvious reason - looking at the code - why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often - I never saw this bug in testing, nor did QA, but I know the bug is happening. And I can definitely believe this post - that epic banner poses are triggering this more often, because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don't try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn't apply. Maddeningly, it's not 100%. As others in this chat have said, it doesn't happen every time. And, again, we had no reports of this during testing.

Animated gladiator card FRAMES will NOT affect this; because it's not a problem to, theoretically, show a Revenant banner frame on a Lifeline; but it is a problem to try and run a Revenant animation (pose) on a Lifeline.

For this same reason, it also doesn't seem to trigger upon champion squad presentation, because even if they have epic banner poses, we just show the last frame as a static image.

I'm sorry for all the frustrations that folks have had with this patch. We're working hard to get things fixed, and hopefully things are already better thanks to some of the changes we've been able to make since Tuesday.

TL;DR - I believe there's merit to this. Please try it. And you should be able to go back to your animated poses once we patch. And thanks everyone for your patience.

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Originally posted by NimboGringo

so tell me... how does it feel to crash prod?

Really, really, really awful; though it feels a bit less bad because I was doing a refactor to try and fix one of longest running issues. Ideally, after we patch, both this bug AND that bug will both be history.

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Originally posted by NimboGringo

Ah yes. I also crashed prod once or twice in my career (sysadmin here).

What was the other bug if you're allowed to talk about?

Side note - I have a personal bug list, is there anybody I could send it to?

Replaced a map with a reference to the desired information on the actual asset. The map would get corrupted in certain cases, so should be more reliable. But the details of the safeguard on checking for that info needed to be modified as a result of my change, which is what I missed and what - in some cases - causes this bug.

Not really sure about a "bug list." Mostly because it's not really sustainable to offer that. I'd say this sub is about as close as there is to a public bug list. We spend a LOT of time reading this. If there's one or two that you think are serious and which you think we're not aware of, you can message them to me, but no promises.

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Originally posted by searchcandy

Hey, thanks for everything you do! I know you guys get a lot of grief but know there are people out there that appreciate your work massively.

If I could submit one thing that is important to me bug-wise, it would be to be able to play a bit more reliably/without big drops above 190/240FPS. I have a 360hz monitor and I think they are getting more common... (although I appreciate still a small %), more people also on 240hz, still capping frames at 190.


That's not my area at all. Probably one of the areas I know the least about, but I do know that work around super high-frame rates and the cap we have is something that's actively being worked on. You can follow one of our lead engineers Samy Duc - https://twitter.com/ricklesauceur - for actual useful info in this area.

I'm just a lowly XBox One player, happy with my 60FPS.

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Originally posted by prophetworthy

Really appreciate the in depth reply here! Is this bug related to the one that happened the last collection event with the event banner frames? I remember we had to disable those until a patch came out as well

I don't remember the underlying cause there, but I do remember that issue was with THOSE SPECIFIC frames. This bug is more general. It's not even obviously related to Epic (animated) banner frames, but it does seem that those trigger it more often, for reasons that - theoretically - make sense to me.

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Originally posted by arg0nau7

If you don’t mind, since you said you guys read this sub a lot you must’ve seen all the “Operation Health” posts. Is there even a 10% chance of that happening? I hope you guys are seriously considering it bc the community would love this and I doubt many would fault you for not adding a ton of new content

This is a potentially touchy topic, so let me try to put the appropriate caveats around this being only my opinion, etc. I love the idea. BUT I also see the impracticality of it. The term "developer" is pretty random, in a lot of ways. It doesn't really say much. But it's a fine label in so far as it goes. When you think about the team that makes Apex happen, it's a huge team. But when you think about the team that does the work outlined by something like an "Operation Health," it is a much smaller group.

I love this idea because this type of work is 1) actually a significant portion of my actual job description and 2) is also work that I very much enjoy. The big issue is not really with #2, though that does matter. But it is with #1. On both the technical and non-technical side of things, there are plenty of people who would sit idle during a period where the ONLY work that was done was, essentially, "bug fixes."

Live Operation development bears a fair amount of resemblance to just-in-time manufacturing. There are a ton of dependencies, cross collaboration, etc. Now, the best JIT manufacturers have set up processes to allow certain sub-sections of the assembly line to shut down for maintenance, to shift production loads, etc. I'm worried about taking the analogy too far, but I like to think that we're set up the same way. We can shuffle resources, stop work in certain areas, focus on others, etc. All as part of the normal development process.

The problem with something like an Operation Health is that it's not really reflective of how game development works. There's also the separate-but-very-much-related issue of, people might SAY that's what they want, but that doesn't actually mean it's what they want. I don't really have much insight there. No more than anyone else. But I do have some sense of why it's not really that practical from a functional standpoint.

I'm certainly not any sort of person that would be a "decider" of such a thing. So I hope that I can post this as an honest, personal assessment of why I think, as admirable as it might seem, it's probably not actually a good thing. I totally get the request. And as someone who loves quashing bugs and who usually fixes more than I break, I'll keep doing my part to have "operation health" just be a part of my every day. I think that's what we all try to do.

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