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Glad to be of help @CaoNiMa-DF21.


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Hi @kyddprime2


Please reach out to the Terms of Service team when you've got the chance so they can review the account. They would need to determine if the ban can be overturned. 


For more information on how to set up a case with them visit the EA Help website. The TOS team will follow up with you via email as soon as possible. 




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We cannot assist with bans directly here on AHQ.

If you feel you have been incorrectly banned, you can dispute any action against your EA account by following the steps in this article:



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Hoi @DarKow_05,

Like EA_Barry said, I'm afraid that we can't help with bans or ban disputes here on the forums. If you've emailed multiple times but they still haven't lifted your ban, then it's likely that the account will stay banned.


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