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08 Aug

Greetings Survivors,

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! This week we'll be taking a sneak peek at something small and cute, discuss the opening of transfers on PC Crystal Isles/new servers, and sharing awesome community fan art and content!

Check out last week's Community Crunch for more information on Genesis Part 2 and other events planned for this year!

Crystal Isle and New (*) PC Official Server Transfers

We will be enabling full server transfers into Crystal Isles and our freshly launched Official PC Servers on Tuesday, August 25th. This means from that date, players wil... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

03 Jul

Summer Bash Extension

We realize some players were unable to take part in the beginning of Summer Bash and have extended our Summer Bash event an extra week. You have until July 21st to kick back and relax in the summer sun

Patch Notes Roundup

It's been a few months since we've done the last patch notes round-up and much has been added. From the launch of Crystal Isles on PC to the introduction of ARK to the Epic Games Store, there's been much going on. With hundreds of additions, changes, or fixes, we figured it'd be good to kick off an ARK summer with a recap of the past few months.

Significant Milestones
- Launched Crystal Isles as a free expansion on PC - Launched AR... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

19 Jun

Break out your shades and catch some rays in the 2020 Summer Bash event. If you ever needed an excuse to celebrate summer and soak in some sun, we've got you covered.  From June 25th to July 14th the second Summer Bash event will be underway.  Spend your time relaxing by the beach in the new Hawaiian shirts or have a fight your tribe using the new water-gun skin. However you choose to spend your summer in ARK, Summer Bash is bound to cook up a lot of entertainment. 

Rate Boosts 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
4X Player XP
4X Harvesting
4X Taming

New Emotes Guitar Riff
Drum Solo
Head Banger

New Skins 4 new Hawaiian-style shirt Skins
3 new Swimsuit Skins
BBQ-themed Grilling Spatula (Club Skin)
Frisbee Skin (Boomerang)
1 Sunglasses Skin w/ customizable l... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

22 May

Introducing Tropeognathus!

Common Name: Tropeo
Species: Tropeognathus mesembrinus
Time: Cretaceous
Diet: Piscivore
Temperament: Neutral

Up close, Tropeognathus mesembrinus is easily recognized by the keeled crests on its snout, but with wingspans of up to twenty-seven feet, you’re sure to spot it before then. 

These large wings are not only ideal for catching air currents over its ocean hunting grounds, but they also let Tropeognathus draft off of other flying creatures by flying behind them. While not the fastest flyer on the Isles, when combined with its remarkable stamina, this makes Tropeognathus well suited for long distance flight.

Because it’s on the wing so much, Tropeognathus is best snared by those riding another flier. I've noticed the more clever tribespeop... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

09 May

Primal Fear is a community favorite among overhaul mods. It won the popular vote in a mod competition and is still regularly updated and expanded.
Distributed across several mods in the collection, so that players can pick and choose content to a degree, Primal Fear adds a plethora of creature variants and items, as well as plenty of quality of life adjustments.

Want some extra hustle and bustle in the world?
Marnii has you covered with this wildlife mod. It doesn't put dragons everywhere, it doesn't fill the world with hulking beasts that could murder you with a glance.
This mod adds the touches of normal wildlife in an otherwise very abnormal world.

I’m pretty sure we have all dreamed of having our own backyard water slides and roller coasters. (Zen may have actually tried at one point, and failed… obviously) But now you can do just that in your base. Build that mine-cart roller-coaster that plows through your living room or a water-slide to the lava pools out back!

RP communities have been a long time aspect of ARK, but sometimes our core structures can feel a bit insubstantial when you are trying to build a set for acting in. Roleplay Additional Items can add a lot more flourish to your locations from lighting structures and gear, to new taxidermy stations!

Tired of dinosaurs? Of course you aren’t, but sometimes we do want a little change in our diet. Dead Survival does just that, you can swap out the wildlife of the game with some … not… quite life? Zombies… I’m trying to say you can have zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Hordes of them even.

07 Apr

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Patch Notes Round-Up

Much has happened since our last edition of the Patch Notes Round-Up. Since then, we've launched Genesis: Part 1 and introduced several improvements and bug fixes that have been circulating in the community. With close to 300 improvements, changes, and tweaks since the release of Genesis, we figure it might be a good time to summarize them and get you caught up to speed!

General - Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality - Unofficials can now use flying creatures by adding the following setting to your GameUserSettings.ini under the [ServerSettings] section: bForceCanRideFliers=True - Building is now enabled in mission areas by default on Unofficial Servers (no longer need to use the aforementioned ini to change it) - Increased the reliability of repairing glitches - Ad... Read more

17 Mar

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Community Crunch 202

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

We've got a short one this week. We're all busy working on new and exciting content for upcoming months. We are remaining focused on the health of the Official Network and collecting bug reports and feedback from various social media platforms.

You should expect to see a continued focus on existing bugs and polish as we round into the summer months!

On The Horizon

Enforcement Updates
Mission Areas
Last week we encountered a bug that rendered some caves build-able. If you have structures within a mission zone (cave) on the Genesis map, you should remove them. The Enforcement Team will take ... Read more

10 Mar

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Genesis Update

We'd like to give a big thanks to the community for all the support you've shown during the Genesis launch! We've seen some amazing community content and enjoy hearing your experiences in the simulation.

We have a busy summer coming up! Last week we announced the addition of a new map, Crystal Isles, and a new TLC patch coming this summer. Click here to read about the plans for Summer 2020.

In the meantime, we have a number of tweaks we'll be deploying to Genesis in the form of bug fixes and quality of life enhancements over the coming months. We are planning for a patch Wednesday to address some of the more immediate issues following the Genesis launch.

Enforcement Update
The Enforcement Team has been monitoring the overall health of the Official Network and have new updates to share wit... Read more

05 Mar

Introducing Crystal Isles

We are very excited to announce that the one-of-a-kind experience of the ISO: Crystal Isles map will be coming to PC, XBOX, and PlayStation this Summer!

Crystal Isles is a stunning, other-worldly map filled with a vibrant display of teeming life scattered amidst its varied landscapes, awe inspiring floating islands and breathtaking biomes. Ever since Crystal Isles launched as a mod in 2016, its fantasy appeal has secured its place as one of the most popular maps within the ARK community and we can't wait to bring it to players as a fully supported free DLC.

The Crystal Isles DLC will also launch resplendent with a new real-world... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

04 Feb

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Love Evolved

Love Evolved (formerly known as Valentines Day) is returning next week! Love Evolved will be active on Tuesday, February 11 18:00 UTC and will run through Tuesday, February 18 18:00 UTC.

While ARK is under Cupid's spell, you can expect to find past event items and brand new skins! See the full event details below:

2/11 - 2/18 18:00 UTC

For the duration of the event, Coelacanth will be fishing for some love. Reel in these amorous fish and be showered in candies, some chocolates, and even chibi pets!

  • Increased breeding rates to 3x
  • Increased player XP rates to 2x
  • Increased harvesting rates to 2x
New Emotes
  • Flirt Emote
  • ...
Read more

28 Jan

Anti-Mesh System Enhancements

Last week we deployed upgrades to the anti-mesh system that significantly reduced the amount of meshing that is occurring on the Official Network. It’s been instrumental in creating a fair playing experience and decreasing the amount of meshing, as we are seeing an overall 90% reduction. We truly believe, with your help, we’ll be able to move the needle to 99%!

The first iteration of the anti-mesh system only included detection which enabled us to collect critical data needed to upgrade the system to take action on those who were identified to be meshing. The wide-scale deployment of the second iteration last week allowed us to reduce the edge cases and ... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].