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26 Mar

I wouldn't recommend playing on the Official Network with a modified binary, you'll risk getting flagged by BattlEye. We are looking into Linux/Mac issues atm and hope to have a patch out which resolves the issue as soon as possible.

17 Mar

Could you guys try now, we pushed an update a few minutes ago.

11 Jan

Aye, we had made some changes to placement so it's understandable that there may have been issues until patched. Good to know it's all working though :).
Originally posted by The Talented Wilford Brimley: Several things are acting weird now. We can't place campfires or double doorframes. Ramps don't seem to be placeable either. I'll try disabling some of the mods.

It's definitely updated to the latest version, right?

v304.44 (or v304.441 if you grabbed the patch released last night).

Otherwise, let me know the name of the server (or you can link me to the battlemetrics), I'll log on and check it out.

Structures not placing

    Jatheish on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Captain Crunch: My server name is cereal killers ark server, I run it through a hosting company. You are welcome to use mine as a test if you need to. Like i said updating the server did "fix" the issue for now but i haven't gone through all the structures.

Oh, so you can use S+ structures after the server was updated?

Structures not placing

    Jatheish on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Eliandra: Hey, year we have 2 Servers with the same problem.

We tested few things.
Now we can place vanilla Ark Structures. But no way with mod items.

We cant update the Server or mods cause there are no new Versions

Originally posted by Captain Crunch: I think it could be, seems to be just S+ structures from what i can tell so far. I am hopping the updates i did to the server have fixed the issue. S+ may need to do an update as well, not sure.

Could I know what server you're experiencing this on?
Could I know what server you're experiencing this on?

25 Sep

I don't think there are. The amount of work it takes to create new creatures is really high, there aren't many mod authors that make new unique creatures rather than modify existing ones.

22 Jul

Originally posted by KitsuneShiro: Do you require a account?
An account on is required to protect the integrity of votes. plus if you win one of the box sets we have to have a way to contact you.
The 2019 ARK Modding Contest is now open for public voting!
Right now the modding community is competing for a grand prize of $10,000.
The contest is split into two categories with a grand prize for each:
Maps[] and Mods[]
(Voting links are found in these pages)

Right now we need your input to decide the final winners of each category. Pick your favorite mod from the finalists of each category and show your support!

If you aren't sure what mods are in the finals, we have compiled a playlist of short showcase videos... Read more

02 Jul

We're having some authentication issues with that account. We'll get that updated shortly and make sure to stay on top of it!

31 May

@ Derptini & Styxx42 you are most welcome! Happy to provide some insight where I can.

Originally posted by Ostseekrabbe: Hmm I remember having posted a couple mails explaining roundabout 7 undermesh-exploits to the intended address many months ago. The oldest is over a year now.
Never got a reply from the devs, for instance that they've read it.
Most of them are fixed now, but heck took that long.

We always read our emails regarding exploits. They won't receive a response most of the time unless its for a bounty. In regards to undermeshing exploits, if it involves map issues then they typically take longer and we try to do more at once vs a single one here and there because it takes a lot of time from our LDs and adds significant time to our patch cooks, testing,... Read more
Metrics refers to some of our backend data that we use to track various things. One of which is mesh detection. Updating it just means we've likely added, adjusted, or removed some of the data points we are collecting going forward. In the case of mesh detection this could be location on the map or data about a specific "joint" of a character or dino. It's mostly meaningless to everyone but us in the studio but we want to be upfront about what the patch is for.

16 May

ARKpocalypse servers wipe every 30 days. The next wipe will be on the 23rd

04 Apr

As Ancient said, the timestamped ones are backups of your current save (Ragnarok.ark). You can revert to the backup save at any point by renaming one of the timestamped files to just 'Ragnarok.ark[\b]. Make sure you keep the original Ragnarok.ark file though in case you need to go back to it if something is wrong with your backup save(s).

30 Mar

Not being able to load the full list usually is attributed to your connection. In short its an issue querying with Steam. As above, I'd recommend trying to use battlemetrics or similar sites for a more comprehensive list as these work on a cached system rather than direct Steam query like we have in-game.

09 Mar

EU server 211 down

    Panda on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Replied in other thread. Back online

15 Mar

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: 311.74

- Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, volumes, floating foliage, and more.
- Fixed Dino Leash breaking on restart
- Fixed a crash related to crafting items with the gamepad
- Reduced the Prime Jerky crafting cost of Summer Bash Holiday items

- Fixed a server hang
- Fixed a server crash

- Reverted file loading change due to it causing memory issues

- New command line arg: -PublicIPForEpic=
- If this command line arg is used, this is the public IP that EGS clients will attempt to connect to.
- If this command line is missing and -Multihome is specified, then EGS clients will attempt to connect to the Multihome IP
- Note that if you're using Multihome and specify a non-public IP address, then players will not be able to connect to your server using ... Read more

17 Dec

ARK Commander
The easiest way to spawn items for creative building or admin needs.

ARK Community Hub
Our official community forums.
... Read more
If you want to most up-to-date information about ARK, follow us over on Twitter:

We post daily updates and important information on our Twitter, and it's the best way to stay in-the-know.

You can also find us here:
Youtube... Read more

14 Jun

Hey guys,

Lone Pillars that are connected to non-spawn blocking structures will be destroyed on Official Servers after 12 hours.Decay time is otherwise unaffected for all other types of structures. Our intent is for players who claim land to make use of the land, and not just hold it. We'll be monitoring this change to see whether it has an effect on pillar claiming and make changes as necessary. This change is only on our Official Servers, but Unofficial Servers will soon gain the functionality to make this change.



01 Jun

Hesperornis/Golen Egg Broke

    Jen on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Put it on wander and let it hunt the fish for itself. I believe it takes 5 fish to lay an egg? And the egg will be golden 50% of the time.

29 Dec

Hey Survivors,

We are now offering bounties for anyone who can provide us with hacks of any kind (which are NOT aimbots/esp/speedhacks) that can have an impact on gameplay or server stability on our official, online servers. Feel free to reach out to the following emails with details:

[email protected]

We will naturally evaluate EVERY submission that comes our way, and if we determine that the issue falls outside the scope of "hacks", but still qualifies as an extremely critical bug (such as wide-scale easy duping, or methods of crashing the server, etc.), we are happy to still pay out bounties. Please mention in your email subject you are contacting us regarding an exploit.

We will not be responding to every incoming email, but we will check them all-- if we see something that is promising, or that we'... Read more

18 Oct

Welcome to the ARK Steam Forums!

This topic contains our Official Server Guidelines, Official Steam Guidelines, & information regarding ban appeals.

Official Server Guidelines
Our Official Servers fall under our Code of Conduct, which can be read in its entirety here:

Steam Guidelines
All Survivors are invited to join the Steam Forums and participate in discussions (not withstanding any bans you may have). As a member of the community, you must abide by a few short rules:

1. Respect each other. Detrimental behavior such as flaming and derogatory/personalized harassment (outlined further below under 'Warnings') will not be tolerated.
2. Do not incessantly bump topics or spam. Specific spam rules are outlined in the advertiseme... Read more

25 Sep

This post is updated regularly (regardless of the date posted). Please check back often for any changes to the list.

To report an outage if not listed below, go to and fill out the report form. Also, be sure to check our maintenance thread for announced maintenance at

Currently known server outages and reason(s):

(L) indicates legacy server
offline indicates that the server is not running currently (time is not moving forward) though is being worked on.

Last Updated: 6/23/2020