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28 Jul

Originally posted by GlorylnDeath

I guess they decided to change their plans. They stated several times during the lead-up to Genesis Part 1 that the Genesis series would be a step away from the main storyline to give them time to do something big as a conclusion.

It's a divergent series of events from what we were following up to the conclusion of Extinction, but still critical story.

Originally posted by tyzam1

Thanks for trying it out! Maybe /u/zenrowe can help?

I don't actually have any such magic powers here, for that you will want to get the attention of one of the moderators here, such as /u/jslay88.
This is all community managed and maintained.

Originally posted by noodledoodle07

WHAT TF IS THAT? a flesh managarmr?

anyway I’m hyped

Please, for all that is good in this world, don't called it that. It does not mesh well with how I see most people say Managarmr.

Originally posted by GlorylnDeath

Genesis isn't the "end" of ARK, though. It isn't even really part of the main storyline - it's basically a side arc. After Genesis, we'll get the next part of the story, which may or may not be the actual "end" - but I would bet on at least 2 or 3 expansions after Genesis Part 2 before the main storyline reaches a conclusion.

As we gear-up for the epic conclusion of ARK: Survival Evolved’s storyline with ARK: Genesis Part 2

Genesis is definitely part of the main storyline.

23 Jul

If updating windows didn't resolve the issue for you, you can try this which has worked for others:

  • sign out of store
  • restart pc
  • sign into store
  • launch the title from its store page

17 Jul

The event on official servers was extended, but the automatic activation by date has passed. If you want to continue to run the event on your unofficial servers use the launch arg

05 Jul

There was a bug that came in when we introduced our breeding performance changes that would have caused this in some cases. It was fixed, but the fix was subsequently lost during the weekend of the Summer Bash launch on console when we were dealing with all those technical issues. We reintroduced the relevant fixes on the 1st of July with a serverside patch, so it should be good going forward now, just won't be retroactive. Unofficial servers should make sure they're using .18 for both PS4 + Xbox to avoid this problem.

01 Jul

All of the colors on this page can be rolled as mutation colors on officials (Even the dye colors now too)

#57 - #100 were added with genesis

25 Jun

Originally posted by SupaCake

TF? 50 prime jerky per shitty roll with each piece of jerky taking 36 mins to produce.

RIP Chibi farming, hope you got them with cakes while it lasted.


The prime jerky cost is being heavily reduced in an update later (After current live issues have been resolved).
Save up your jerky for now.

That crafting cost is getting reduced with an update later after we deal with some current live game issues. Save up your prime meat jerky for the time being.

24 Jun

Originally posted by ThePharros

Yeah I get that part. But it seems rather pointless to have the mod dev kit available on a platform that can't even utilize it yet. But hey while I have you, do you know of any ETA on when the EGS version of ARK can be played with mods? Does one need to wait for Epic to release their "mod workshop" variant on the EGS, or is this something can be done internally beforehand?

Unfortunately I don't have an ETA yet on that. It's something that's being worked on, but the underlying system to support mod distribution and management is something that epic is building, not us.

23 Jun

Originally posted by ThePharros

Odd that they release the dev kit on EGS for something it doesn't even support lol

That's because the ark dev kit is derived from unreal engine which belongs to Epic, the launcher was always primarily only unreal engine and a few select games like fortnight until this recent year

22 Jun

At this time it's just rng from the same primary loot table we use for chibis during the events.

03 Jun

Originally posted by ShRoOmSs1

Try harvesting an high hp ovis that is imprinted and leveled in health with a chainsaw you’ll understand

Interesting, we'll check it out.

30 Apr

Guess you'll just have to buy the GRP CF top now :P

19 Apr

That's correct, will be fixed soon.

It seems to be related to a line of sight issue, we'll get it fixed up. Standing on the inner side of the pad should work. Like so:

If you're still having issues, try getting a bit close to the terminal on the inner side. Sorry for the inconvenience folks, it'll get taken care of.

28 Feb

The proper localization strings just went live in the Steam game earlier today (except Chinese). As mentioned earlier on this post, there was a problem with the data merge of new strings immediately prior to launch. Now all of the intended strings are in there.

Note that there is currently a bug for multiplayer where some strings in the UI will not be localized, even if the localized string is present. Any such strings *are* localized in single player, but will require some development work to fix in multiplayer.

Thanks again for the bug report!

27 Feb

Originally posted by AnOkaySin

If they are disabled and somebody builds in the path of something like the manta course, what happens?

They will be in the way :)

We’re going to disable the no-build zones by default. They will remain a server option (as they are now) and will be enabled on Officials so everyone can reliably do the Missions. Thanks guys!

Originally posted by Ucan_Kizmiaz

first off I must say that I'm quite surprised to get an answer. thanks.

with all due respect though: the crowdin project exists almost as long as ARK does, maximum half a year less.

ever since we, the volunteers, tried our best in a timely manner to provide updated translations.

I totally understand that the voice acting part needed a professional team rather than a handful of fans to get things done BUT seriously the rest is just ... . i don't know who you paid for that but for my part I can say that German is an utter mess.

Also I believe that Crowdin was and still is a cheaper solution apart from the fact that the interface is a paid one and that rewards been granted in the past.

And some month ago there were Genesis strings on Crowdin but they got pulled after approx 2 days. Over these two days at least two languages got completed.

But enough of that. I think I can speak for the rest of the volunteers on Crowdin when i ask for ...

Read more

Upon further review it looks like many (most?) of the non-voice lines may have been omitted from the localization manifest somehow. Still looking at what happened with that large merge of data, but hopefully we can get all the carefully-translated lines in an upcoming build ASAP.

Thanks again for pointing it out!

Thanks for the feedback. It was not a machine translation. The full game VO and content was localized using an industry-standard localization company at a high cost.

This was done because the voice acting scripts and recording sessions needed to be done well ahead of time for many thousands of lines of dialogue (a first for us) and we did not want to spoil the lore and mission-based content of Genesis ahead of time.

Now that the game is out we can set up a CrowdIn and see how a preferred localization may differ from the existing localization, at least for the non-spoken lines, and evaluate the future use of paid localization versus free, crowd-sourced localization for unspoken content in Genesis Part 2.

21 Feb

Oh yes. Full new soundtrack by Gareth!

16 Feb

Originally posted by fish250505

Yeah I think it stacks with your settings, my server has 50x hatch & 30x mature, I got impregnated by a reaper earlier and the pregnancy should've been 14 mins but only took 4 which is 150x hatch so it's stacking with the 3x, tested some things in SP yesterday and they were fine but I think I have events disabled in launch options

Seems to have been a thing since the Christmas event, can't remember having to adjust my settings for any events before then

The Valentine's event was one of the first ones to use the active event system. When that one was set up the multipliers were hardcoded (I believe it predated the newer dynamic config) so it was pretty much the only event that did rates this way (and it never will again)

15 Feb

Originally posted by SinfulFrisky

Oh yeah I'm aware. Also hi again Jesse, it's always really nice to see you. This is gonna sound seriously fanboyish but now that I have the opportunity, remember back in 2017 when you were teasing me about the Overseer and how awesome it was gonna be? You guys have come so far since then, I really mean it when I say ARK is probably my most favorite game ever. It's a huge part of my life and has left it's mark. Two of my best friends who met on ARK fell in love and are moving from NY to CA to live with one another, isn't that awesome? I've been here since day one and don't plan on leaving. Keep on making ARK stuff please and being awesome, thank you.

That's amazing! I remember :) Thanks for the encouraging words and for sticking around so long. We love hearing when ARK has helped real life be a little better, and your friends' story is so touching!