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17 Nov

Originally posted by SlayeDraye

Dollie, I believe the obvious cause for suspicion was the fact that he was in TPG company. Had he been found by himself without a company tag, I doubt the uproar over this would have been as serious.

I do understand. He joined the Company so they could communicate exactly where they go to get the crash at their base. QA are focused on finding issues and bugs and getting a repro for them asap, not so much the community side and "what might other players think?". I also understand it would have been very disruptive if his body had been contesting or used ny players in an exploitative way.

I had a chat with him about being careful but I'm not mad, he caught a serious crash and we all make mistakes at times. Thankfully this didn't directly disrupt the game.

The account was one of our QA members repro'ing an Xbox One/Xbox One S memory crash that occurs in specific areas and causes the player to be unable to log back in afterwards. This base spot was one of those locations.

Generally our QA go into spectate before they log but the fact he successfully repro'd the crash so we can work on fixing it meant his body was left there.

15 Nov

13 Nov

"ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

8 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

ATLAS was never intended as an ARK DLC. Not at any point in its development. That's all.

10 Nov

08 Nov

07 Nov

Crashing when logging onto bases

14 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey folks,

We're currently investigating reports of players not being able to log onto specific bases as it causes the game to crash (application to shut down). If you are experiencing this on an Official Server, please fill out the information below. Specifically, having the location is most important as it enables us to carry out some data collection and analysis to identify why this is happening and how we can improve it going forward.

What type of Xbox are you using? (Is it a regular, S, or One X?)

What network are you experiencing this on?

Which grid?

Which island?

Do you have the CCC? This isn't something you're able to get on Xbox, however, if you have PC players in your company, they can help out:

Thank you very much!

Have you been able to log back on since?

06 Nov

Maps still broken...

14 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

We've got a fix in the pipeline for maps, it's currently going through cert at the moment, unfortunately, it's not something we can fully put through its paces until it's in the live environment, so we'll have to see for sure whether this will resolve all cases.

04 Nov

03 Nov

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