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15 Sep

Where is 2x?

3 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

We've got our heads down at the moment working on some things, so expect it to be a bit more quiet than usual for a while.

As for 2x weekends, they aren't guaranteed to happen every weekend. In this case, we were working on a build to deploy (perhaps to the PTR again too with some pretty critical changes) but it needed more time internally, so we may end up going out with it later during the week and we'll discuss whether that includes a 2x or not.

13 Sep

I enjoy playing atlas

5 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

Appreciate the positivity!
I love the ships in general and (yes, even though it needs to be hit with our upcoming balance changes) I think ship PvP combat can be really enjoyable. I even like listening to the ship-related sound effects and visualising the talented Watson Wu and his team clambering about on a 1812 replica ship to record them:

I really enjoy the creative builds you guys create. I've seen Tahitian marina, castles, taverns, hanging gardens, skull forts, Red Wedding halls...along with intricate sail and ship designs. The Aurora Borealis is really ambient. Waveworks gives a cool effect to the ocean, I know the guys spent a lot of time on that.
Our level designers excelled themselves, I'm blown away by some of the points of interest, statues, and ruins are just amazing. The great hall in the Polar Dungeon is a place I hung out in whilst doing QA on that patch. There are also uwotm8 moments with the level designe...

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12 Sep

Public Test Realm Closing

6 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

Public Test Realm Update

It's time for us to bring down the PTR in order to iterate on new builds internally. In a few hours the PTR will no longer be accesible to players.

Thank you to all of you whom helped us run it through its paces, bug reported and gave feedback on new content and systems. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will directly benefit the quality of the upcoming Mega Patch.


Grapeshot Games

10 Sep

Blackwood snake boss

8 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

You'll need to gather all the Power Stones on the map to be able to get through it.

Can't Play Anymore

9 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Would you be able to show me the full callstack? You'll be able to find it in this folder:


You'll be looking for a .crashstack file, it opens in notepad. You can paste the contents at / here directly / upload it as an attachment.

08 Sep

06 Sep

PTR Patch Notes

13 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

I've ported the Patch Notes for the PTR across from Discord, I'll update as I can.

If you would like to stay up to date on the PTR on a day-to-day basis, we encourage joining the Official ATLAS Discord and opting into the PTR Role to unlock the related channels.

ptr patch notes

Current PTR Version v308.2


- Possible fix for e13 tree graphical issue
- Atlantean cloth colorizable
- Preventing building outside the galleon by moving up and shrinking height bounds box (so top of height is still the same) and added a volume to block building where the collision on the galleon is bad, making it possible to build outside the ship.
- Shrunk a text box that was covering half of the Voyage of Power button
- Waveworks fixed on i8 (deleted the center island, which was causing the issues)
- Various json fixes for Disco zones, map i...

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05 Sep

Originally posted by Luckboy28

That's a fair point -- other pirate games have less ships.

I think the big difference is that the Skeleton Ships in Sea of Thieves actually have skeletons that you can fight, and there's more than one way to sink them. That adds a whole lot more gameplay/immersion than just "I shoot cannons at an empty ship."

Think about it from a PvE perspective: There's currently no such thing as raiding/boarding ships in a pirate game. If you want to swashbuckle something, you have to go on land and dig up a chest. But even that combat is clunky and unsatisfying -- which is why ATLAS combat is pretty much just a sniping game: Slowly reload gun via mini-game > Shoot once > slowly reload gun via mini-game.

It would have been cool to see a really rich move-set to allow for more detailed combat. Things like rolling, grappling, execution animations, dodges, etc, could make melee combat more engaging, and make ground combat more viable.

PvE pirates with their own ships and island bases are coming and more:

Originally posted by Luckboy28

I think they meant more verity, not literally more spawns everywhere.

Launching a pirate game with only like 3 pirate ships was... bold?

And I was massively disappointed when I realized that they don't even have crews. I wanted to throw a hook, swing over, and do swashbuckling battle with skeletons. But no, it's an empty shell that just magically shoots cannons without a crew.

I'm talking about more variety, not spawns. More variety means more unique meshes that cannot be batched together for drawing (performance) and cost more memory.

Also I think you are confusing ATLAS (4 ships + dinghy + raft) with Sea of Thieves (3 ships).

04 Sep

PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

14 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

By this, Percieval means, he asked for a feature request which I responded to him: Possible sure but not certain on whether it's something we'd likely do at this time, but will note it down as a request.

Which is par for the course with a lot of the requests we receive? Is said -suggestion- possible? Sure. Is it something we plan to do? We'll have to consider whether it fits into our plans or whether we can justify allocating the resources towards it at the present time. Are there other things we need to work on that take more priority? Most likely.

Single Player and the other game modes won't be forgotten, they'll grow as the multiplayer game does, however, our design/balance will be based on the multiplayer version of the game, and we'll be targetting fixes towards that mode (some of which will impact SP, some of which may not because those problems may not exist).

Update Borked Joining Unnoficial servers.

14 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Are you playing on Blackwood? Just identified an issue with our recent update. We're uploading a fix right now but it'll require you to restart your steam clients.

02 Sep

ATLAS Roadmap

17 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

Yup, agreed!

ATLAS Roadmap

17 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

Think of it more like: currently, to play optimally, we've observed that players need to spend their time doing these things, we want to open it up so you don't need to invest as much time with bases and tames on land to progress well in the game if you don't want to.

Tames will continue to serve purposes in the game.

31 Aug

Originally posted by fatherteachergamer

And Grapeshot would have you believe that many of these Changes are not possible or will take many months to do.

On the contrary, these changes are along the lines of our own plans for balance and changes and (as mentioned briefly in the Roadmap Recap post) our changes will be coming to the Live Game during Phase One. And no, they don't take long to implement. In the past, our approach was waiting to do a full pass and programming changes to improve these aspects of balance but, again, as mentioned in the Roadmap Recap post, we're now going to bring some quick and simple changes in to improve player experience in Phase 1 then loop back to do a full pass in later phases of our Roadmap.

Myself, Jat and Erik watched all of Okasen's vids a few days ago, took notes on some great ideas and discussed alternatives where we felt his proposed value changes weren't quite where we'd want it. Okasen frequently sends us valuable feedback and theorycrafting.

Are you old?

19 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

We haven't created any in-game channels specific to Companies, this isn't possible. You may be thinking of Company Discords, of which I am in about 30. These are created and used by Companies/Alliances for their own communication with each other and myself and Jat are invited as guests. Some create a #dev-chat channel or something of that ilk. As with all other channels, we read everything and respond less so (as it's just impossible to respond to everything). Players there are not privy to VIP info or "special treatment" customer service. If they report something on their Company Discords or require Customer Service, they're directed to the ticketing system (as with the Official ATLAS Discord). If they report bugs, they're directed to official ATLAS Discord #bug-reporting channel or the forums. If they offer lengthy feedback, they're urged to post it on the forums where we have more eyes on it. Worthy to note that these Company Discords most frequently give us info about exploits i...

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Are you old?

19 days ago - Dollie on Forums - Thread - Direct

Let's clear a few things up.

The voice chat occurred on our 50k member Official ATLAS Discord, not in a private Discord or channel. It was within an hour of the stream ending, spontaneous on my behalf (and on my own time outside of work hours) as I was aware of some confusion and lot of questions in relation to the stream. I saw 100 or so people gathered in voice, asked another colleague if he would join with me to moderate whilst I spoke, shouted "I MUST GO TO MY PEOPLE" at him and joined the channel to talk with players. I love talking with our players and wanted to address their concerns and reassure them, and, going on the comments and messages I received, they were very happy also.
Jat joined later once he was able, to predominantly, listen in and get a read on player's concerns with me. During that time, approximately 300 or so people filtered in and out to ask questions and listen in. I spent about an hour and a half with them. It seems a player joine...

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New ATLAS Road Map

19 days ago - Jatheish on Steam - Thread - Direct
Ahoy Pathfinders,

Thank you for tuning in to our Dev Livestream this week. In this pre-recorded announcement, we’ll be summarizing the new roadmap we discussed in the Livestream as well as clarifying a few things raised by the Community.

First of all, for those who didn’t catch the Dev Livestream, it can be viewed here:

The primary purpose of this stream was to bring you up to speed on our new direction and let you know what areas of the game we’re going to address moving forward. We opted to answer many of your questions from our Livestream Q&A forum thread by working them into the conversation in the stream (rather than reading them out verbatim and answering each one) for the sake of flow and clarity. We recognize that this format didn’t translate as well as we’d hoped for, so we’ll be imp... Read more
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