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20 May

Spam Bots work by crawling and looking for signatures of known software. Usually this is a snippet of text like a copyright or a meta tag but it could be any consistent identifier. This usually applies to blog and forum software.

It is a constant back and forth between Captcha/ReCaptcha/use of a field that requires the user to answer a question and the bots "learning" them. Rinse and repeat.

Making security in regards to these bots as tight as possible tends to lead to genuine users encountering difficulty or frustration in signing up to our Forums so we look to walk a fine line between catching the bots and user experience.

19 May

Discord Webhook not longer working?

5 days ago - /u/Jatheish on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Will get it sorted asap.

Edit: Alrighty this should be good now.

18 May

Attention Pathfinders,

Recently, we were able to identify multiple ways in which players were able to gain a massive amount of experience points, very quickly. Some of these methods were made public, some reported privately, and others were identified internally. We wanted to be thorough and catch every possible way this could have been abused. Due to these bugs, a few scenarios arose ingame:

Players were levelling much faster than intended.

It highlighted a balance concern with how high items and characters could scale.

Our aim was to tackle this in the smoothest way possible, and our intention was to avoid a wipe/rollback, and minimize damage to innocence at all costs. Ultimately, this is what we’ve decided to do and with our most recent update, we have introduced the following changes:

Crafting Bonus on items is now capped at 60%.

Any character which was above level 100 w...

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17 May

Alliance chat

7 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

UI/UX elements are on our radar for sure and we have plans to improve the entire experience, however, it isn't at the top of our list of things to tackle at the moment.

How to remove paint from sails?

7 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

We do have something to deal with this (soap), just seems not to be implemented. Will chase it up.

Periodic Crashing - No logs

7 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Do you have a stack saved here:


It'll be a .crashstack file.

You can open the file in notepad and paste the contests into this thread

Honey..they shrunk the regions!

7 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Not sure what you mean by regions, do you mean the size of each grid? We haven't made any such changes since the launch of our last Mega Update which introduced additional islands and trenches early April.

Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

7 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

Right now a lot of the bonus events we've been hosting help us with profiling and analysing server performance. In the future, we'd like to be more sporadic with them. Perhaps have some on the weekend, some on weekdays, during holidays/special occasions. We certainly recognize that keeping it limited to weekends only and having it every weekend leads to folks only wanting to play then or missed opportunities for players who aren't able to play on the weekend. However, it's needed at the moment, as we typically see our highest CCUs on weekends and we can get the most out of our profiling then. We'd also like to play with specific types of changes rather than always having 2x Taming/XP/Gathering such as a bonus event to XP, or maybe crop growth, slaying AoD/SoD etc.

16 May

PTR again?

8 days ago - Jatheish on Forums - Thread - Direct

We'll have an extra network prepared for it.

15 May

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Ahoy Pathfinders!

Today's log will just be a brief update on our current status with our upcoming Mega patch touching on where we are!

May Mega Update The team are currently working on wrapping up the patch for internal review and we expect it to enter our QA process later today. Following that, we'll be hitting it hard and barring any fires, we should be in a good state to get the update released onto our new Public Test Realm soon. This means that we're currently planning for the Public Test Realm to be available around the end of next week. As we get closer to the date, we'll be able to provide you with a more specific timeline. So far it's been smooth sailing, and we're on track for our end of the month release date.

For those who have been away at sea, in our last Captain's Log, we covered our most recent Developer ... Read more
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