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25 Nov


Originally posted by McVersatilis

Congrats on finding the fix! Must have have been a pain debugging that one...

I wouldn't have managed without our great QV department that went above and beyond to find the repro.


It took a while to find the cause of this issue, but yesterday I checked in a fix for this which will go live in one of the upcoming patches.

24 Nov


A fix is lined up for one of the upcoming patches.

23 Nov


Hey @Fermaldo Depending on the version of the game you purchased you will have a duel entitlement for the next-gen version as well. If purchased the Standard edition, there is one only for Gen 4 and one with the Duel Entitlement. 



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22 Nov


Hi @nitetiger1977,

this seems to be related to your linked EA account. Are you sure you checked the right email account? It might be a different one from your PlayStation one.

Otherwise, if you can't find the password reset email or that doesn't work, please contact our colleagues in support who can help you out manually.

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@ToSIIColette I would recommend first checking BF2042 settings to make sure cross play is enabled (we may need to try disabling then reenabling), if not check both the EA account and PS/Xbox account privacy settings. Illium.png

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21 Nov


Hi @tommyzoro,

the Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition does indeed come with the Year 1 Pass that includes 4 Battle Passes and 4 new specialists.

However, the first Battle Pass event didn't start yet. We will definitely announce more information about that and the first season when it's time.


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20 Nov



I play on Series X myself and it's a mission to get to that option to turn it off on the Xbox Settings. There is a larger thread where players requested it to have it in game as quality of life improvement. We've shared it with the team, but no official word on what plans are moving forward. 


Originally posted by Shmingus_Dingus


It's something I truly admire to be honest, I mean sure the team at Ripple Effect created some really funky modes, but it's only when it's in the hands of folks that the funkiness of creations really comes to fruition. Absolutely love it, where there's a will there's a way!


Originally posted by Rowspicyplaydoe

Bullshit, ive reinstalled 5 times. Support is non existent, please. Point me in the direction of ATTAINABLE support for this dumpster fire of a game.

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Sorry @OneMeanDragon, I'm not sure why you would have been directed to speak with us about a refund.


If this game was purchased on PS4, that transaction would go through Sony's billing systems. 


We have no access to those and would not be able to provide refunds for transactions that didn't go through our own billing system. You'll need to speak with PlayStation Support again to look into that further.