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16 Oct

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Originally posted by InuraBera

Really enjoyed the world being fleshed out, outside of purely the battles.

I always used to enjoy the little map descriptors in the early games, for the historical settings in BF1942 and BFVietnam, to the fictional ones in BF2 and BF2142, so this kind of thing is really cool.

Will need to listen to it again to really give feedback, but I really liked someone elses comment regarding news reports. Maybe the same stories regarding events that cause, or result from, the players to be on a map, but from different sources with their own bias (not outright propaganda, but leaning toward their nation) where the truth is hidden within.

Especially if you then split up who could access them so the community would have to come together to work out the truth. For example, those in the EU get a source in that area, NA would of course be the USA etc while everyone gets to hear the message from the Big Bad.

What you described is what we have in the game at launch.


Originally posted by AceArchangel

Yeah many tall walls/fences and barriers couldn't be vaulted over unlike BFV which allowed for a large amount of free movement.

Places where vaults don't work where they obviously should, should be treated as bugs. The vault system is an improved version of BFV's implementation, with directional/in air vaults added on top as well as support for vaulting on moving objects, something we could only dream of a few years ago.

15 Oct

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Originally posted by Starshine95

It’s weird how they put so much effort in the lore/setting but then don’t show any of that in the actual gameplay. It’s hard to take it too seriously when you have a backstory for the maps but then everyone is in every faction.

I just wish they had different specialists based on what nation they chose to side with.

There's a lot of our 'lore' within our maps and you'll encounter it in various ways while running around doing normal Battlefield type things.

Vehicle radios have more than just music for example.

    /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

If you have any feedback on this or want to indulge me with your speculation and thoughts I'm all ears.

14 Oct


Dear Reddit,

Where my memes at?


Hi! I'm the one at fault here. I misunderstood the initial question. I wanted to clarify that the game would not cost extra for players who already own the game. I understand that this was a silly mistake on my part.

Sometimes I wish to help communicate and be part of the community, unfortunately I made a brief blunder on this one and that was my personal mistake.

Just wanted to clarify that HZ is part of the core experience and isn't something you need to pay extra for at launch. I hope that clears things up, and again, I apologise for misleading anyone as it wasn't my intention.

While this was a simple understanding, I'll stick to game dev in future 😅

Information regarding F2P is found here.

13 Oct


Originally posted by motherfo

How about mil dots?


12 Oct


Originally posted by GendaIf

I dont know what really qualifies as soldier physics. A frequent thing i noticed happen was when a soldier fell from a ledge or roof onto a floor they would pass through the floor they land on for a brief second making them very hard to shoot, besides that, soldier physics in particular the momentum, ragdoll etc, as well as the health (ttk) and health indicators are all great. Fixes to hit detection/hit reg will make health feel more consistent when those fixes come, but when those things werent an issue those facets of the game seemed really good.

Yes these are the subjects I touch. Following/landing on the ground is something we are working on all the time, so this might as well have been fixed already as it doesn't ring a bell.


Originally posted by Less_Quality2389

I think this is a healing bug where if you got killed while getting a healing over time effect, it resurrect you. Same happened to me when dying next to a medic crate.

Yep it was an interesting bug to fix. Exactly how you describe it; if you die when a health regen is active you will have 0hp for a tick but then before dying the regen kicks in, resulting in the death flow kicking in for a brief moment.

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