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22 Oct


Originally posted by gilleard

I imagine it'll have normal lights, then when they get destroyed, switch to backup emergency lighting?

Agreed, whole other set of toys to solve the bottlenecks than in the beta. Smoke, shields, Irish's barriers/trophy system.

Not all lights will stay though, so should still be some fun opportunities after a couple of explosives goes off down there ;)

21 Oct

20 Oct

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Hey @marsk61,

What do you mean exactly? Standard smile


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19 Oct


Originally posted by Just_someguy1997

Man I gotta ask, with how negative this sub tends to be, how are you able to actually be here? Like you could help someone from going homeless this sub would still attack you for not having the house they want you to have

I like talking about my work and handing out information when I can.

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Hey @zSuperKingz,

Thanks for your visit to the forums!

While there are a few limitations to cross-progression we want to make you aware of, such as Special Edition cosmetics (such as Ultimate Edition content), the Digital Artbook & Soundtrack, unspent Premium Currency and pre-order items not carrying over, we’re excited about giving you the freedom to play and progress wherever you choose to play. Please also see our official communication regarding this: ...

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Absolutely fantastic!

Definitely wasnt expecting to see a cowboy hat though


Originally posted by Radeni

Is A-D-A-D spam going to be fixed? BFV had inertia for strafing so that you couldn't do it.

Some improvements for that went in as well yes :)


It will be fixed on the launch version of the game (not yet in the early access version).


Fixed for release :) Was an interesting one, due to the very steep terrain around the doorway. The soldier bumped into it, causing the game to think that the soldier was intersecting with the terrain, resulting in a small pop upwards.

18 Oct


Originally posted by sterrre

Is the change for both last gen and next gen versions? 8 tanks plays a lot differently with 64 players than with 128.


Yeah only for the 128 player conquest layout, for the 64 player layout it's 2 tanks per team for a total of 4 :)


Originally posted by copium_detector

That's nice to hear. 2 tanks is very low imo. Any plans on having the amtrac / AA be a separate spawn so they don't share the same slot? The overall tanks can be reduced if this gets added (if it's a problem)

In BFV (but also BF1 - mortar truck) we have the issue where (on Breakthrough for example) one team would spawn an AA and the other spawns a Tiger. Obviously the Tiger annihilates the other team and that's just 1 person throwing the game. There's nothing the AA can do to a Tiger. The old ways of doing the spawns (BF3 / BF4) is superior because each team gets predetermined vehicles which are put there by the developers after inspecting / testing the map. That way the balance of the map is always the same instead of it being ruined just because 1 person decided to spawn a useless vehicle on X map.

Currently not that I know of, though I should mention i'm not involved in that system at all really (other than placing their spawns and tweaking the amounts of the various types of vehicles). I know there was a reason for grouping them, but unfortunately I cannot speak for why and how it works haha. Though i'm sure with enough feedback and data we would look to improve if things don't work as intended!