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07 Oct


Originally posted by RobinnD

/u/lytlb1t When people were discussing the slide spam issue in BFV, you mentioned that you are aware of this. It seems like you can still slide spam and gain quite a bit of momentum. Could you shed some light on this? Battlefield 1 did it perfectly in my personal opinion. You could slide, but you would lose momentum quite fast, so people only used it to slide into cover. The current implementation of the slide feels over the top.

I see your point, and I think the crazy fov in the video definitely makes it feel rather extreme.

However, we did implement more penalties for the slide in this game. Not only is the slide getting weaker when getting spammed, we also apply additional penalties when sliding uphill or when sliding while turning around. We are continuously looking for the right balance and if it turns out to be too extreme we will tone it down in one of the patches. Due to the new implementation we now have way more control to tweak it however we want to.

Also keep in mind that this is an old build, we have done several changes to the system in the mean time and more tweaks are already in the pipeline.


Originally posted by needfx

Hey u/lytlb1t ! I apologize for the ping , but I'm really curious about your past claim:

Drunkkz3 confirmed crouch sprinting (and other features) was not currently planned for BF2042.

Was there a misunderstanding from us or did things simply evolved over time? Or is this an open beta thing and movement will get BFV's features back?

... and happy birthday by the way!

Hey no worries. I understand that my reaction from back than can be interpreted as 'we keep everything and build on top' but that's not what I meant and also not what we were planning.

The reaction was based on the comparison between BFV's movement system and that from previous games. We were happy with the core movement mechanics of BFV. I mean stuff like ground detection, following the ground, moving over uneven terrain, vault detection, transitions between animations, stance transitions, cooldowns, etc. Stuff that made the movement feel smooth.

The mechanics that are mentioned above (prone on back, crouch sprinting, etc) were implemented specifically for the design direction of BFV back then, and didn't make it to this game for various reasons. Prone on back for example was abused a lot by campers and caused bad visibility, and crouch sprinting wasn't used enough to be worth the implementation and button mapping.

As this is a new game with a different dir...

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I see we got a true bush pilot here!


Originally posted by xDougbs


you're welcome, it was quite the challenge figuring out the best way to do this without sacrificing the scope's looks, managed to find a way though!


Originally posted by Mally-Mal99

Why are you asking for something that has never been done before?

Do us a favor stop engaging. Don’t play the beta, don’t come here, don’t look at YouTube videos. Stay away until November 12th. Well a week before that.

What you want to see is a launch trailer. Which is made with the final build of the game. Every single piece of material for every single video game you have ever played that you’ve seen has been captured from older builds.

It’s common sense why this is the case but I’ll give you a hint. The guys that make the games don’t make the trailer’s. The guys that make the game, also don’t make the unedited gameplay videos.

Some of us do help out with the trailers though...


Originally posted by Rgotts1405

I have been playing on next gen console but still have the smaller map. The game feels real choppy as well

see if you're not unintentionally installed the gen4 version on gen5, these days consoles let you install previous gen versions very easily


Originally posted by Thake

I had it 3 games in a row in the space of a few hours. I don't think upping the spawn rate is the right answer. You will water down it's effect. 10% is more than enough imo. It's going to get old quick when it keeps happening.

I get some people never saw it, but it makes it all that more better when it arrives.

Let's hope you have a dial behind the scenes so it's an easy tweak. I assume so, so if it's too much you can dial it down anyway.

I think that's fair, and yeah luckily we can tweak it pretty easily during live so if we find it happens way too often we can tone it down!

However I think it will be less of an issue when you are playing multiple maps, but again if we wanna tone it down etc we can :)


I think for the beta it's about 10% to happen, so fairly unlucky to not get it in 20 games :( but with that said, we have upped the % for the storm to happen for launch (and also improved timings overall so it won't happen too late in the round)

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Originally posted by sterrre

There is a little barrier for entry, you have to own a tower computer or a good laptop in order to use programs like blender. Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck and don't own or can't afford a computer.

I used a library growing up, which had a PC that could be used. Libraries have only gotten better over the years. But it is a fair point you bring up.


The map is disabled for this Open Beta unfortunately but will be around for launch, as well as the ability to give squad orders/request heals, etc.


Originally posted by valkyrie_rda

This is caused by multiple input devices.

Unplug everything except m + kB and go to Windows device manager and uninstall the drivers for steering wheels, joysticks, etc

Thanks for helping out! - This is indeed the way to go, and will be fixed for launch <3.


Hi there, we are still tracking this as an issue - as shown within our Known Issues thread, a slight workaround for this might be - if you're using an Xbox Elite Controller, Xbox headset, or any peripheral plugged into the Xbox, try unplugging those and just use a standard controller - this may get you past this screen and then you can connect things back up again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope this helps your case!


This is already fixed up for launch, these are not your Specialists for Battlefield 2042 - they are just a small offering of soldiers that you'll be able to play as within Battlefield Portal, as shown within the Battlefield Portal reveal trailer.

Bit of an interesting visual bug, but nothing to be worried about!! 😊


known issue, already fixed but wasnt ready for beta

06 Oct


Originally posted by Crazyblade626

Do you know all of them?

when you run out of ammo just keep hitting the detonator to cycle them

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