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06 Oct

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3

Thanks, that a very clear example. We'll send it up right now. Also, thank you so much for grabbing the UID too. Sometimes usernames can have so many special characters in them that it makes it extremely tough to find them due to it all being case sensitive.

Heya, thanks for pinging us on this one. While we can't generally provide a lot of information back if our team confirms it is a legitimate ban, we are of course happy to check all the same and double check with the security & enforcement team. Hang tight!

05 Oct

Originally posted by Sorry_Door

I think banning for vpn is dumbest shit of all. I mean there are legitimate uses for vpn. Heck even i find myself using vpn only to switch it off just in time before game. Atleast show a warning that vpn is on/disable launching when game is opened. Not everyone is looking to cheat.

Hey there, we generally haven't done any VPN bans since the pre-launch betas when we were trying to make sure we were only getting players from certain regions or countries. There are likely some exceptions where someone did something on top of using a VPN and that may have seemed like it was just VPN related, but it isn't usually something you should need to worry about getting banned for.

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3

I reported a hacker with video proof on reddit as well as discord but he's still not banned

Heya, where at? We definitely don't see everything, but we have a lot of people out there (including folks from our security and enforcement team) checking community posts regularly for ban reports in various areas. Have a link?

Also, it could just be that they were not cheating and the team didn't agree. Always a possibility assuming it just isn't something where no one from our teams have seen the post.

Originally posted by Nathanw425

I'll feed into this but after this comment I won't provide any comments. Automod removes post after a certain amount of reports (3 reports) so it can be reviewed. After looking into the post We found the post not appropriate for the subreddit and it was in the best interest of the user. Its not appropriate to tell an online community of over 148,694 members that you are thinking of taking your life away. It's also not smart to leave a post up like that because sadly there's people that feed off that stuff and will make the situation worse. On top of that it's the internet and people attend to say stuff to get attention and get the devs or publishers to unban especially when the ban is legit. I will bring up to the team to increase the report threshold but we feel removing that post is within the users best interests and our subs. *Waits for the downvotes because people won't agree with this. lol

Hey all, just jumping on to say Nathanw425 did indeed send over this ban appeal. We'll check it out as soon as we can. To their point though, it is very rare to see any ban appeals come back as a mistake or false. However, the fact the percentage of false bans isn't zero means we are always willing to check them.

Heya, we aren't sure who this person is mentioned above, but we generally like to just have one representative reaching out for community areas just for the sake efficiency and we do talk to DF Founder in particular every single day. The same can be said for many of the other admins for other community areas. A lot is forwarded to us that way, or directly reported, but at the same time we are always looking through this subreddit and other community areas.

We don't expect or even necessarily ask anyone to send us any kind of reports, but we are of course very appreciative of everything so many people do, including just normal members of this community, like regularly calling out bugs, reporting cheaters, or describing feedback in great detail. We absolutely cannot get to everything though, there are just a truly amazing number of players and people in the general community (not to mention our social media channels), but we are always trying and our devs themselves are ofte...

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Originally posted by Redgrave1029

Doesn't feel dope though. It blocks the entire field of view rendering our aim useless. Can't see shit when this happens. 😂

Thanks for this call-out, for the report, and for the details. Is that happening the entire time you have the class equipped or just when you are using the ability? We know you essentially said just the ability in the description, but just double checking.

04 Oct

Originally posted by resperas

Great. Thank you. Questions:

  1. Will the graphics engine receive a major overhaul in the near or far future?

  2. Last week, you mentioned taking in feedback regarding draws/bundles/crates. Can you share the kinds of discussions you had with the team regarding the feedback you’ve read?

Hey hey, those are both unfortunately not something we have great answers for, but nevertheless:

  1. There isn't any specific plan in the near future to do any major overhaul, but there are always little pieces being worked on and pushed to various updates, like when we overhauled water and reflections back in Season 7.
  2. We are afraid that all of those discussions are very internal and we cannot share that information elsewhere, but there has been many discussion around it and there are some short term plans to improve various aspects bundles and crates.

Originally posted by Usual_Primary_6628

More levels would be great. Been here since day one and been level 150 forever now

Yeah, that's one we've pushed a few times from a community perspective and it ended up kind of getting wrapped into Gunsmith, since both your profile levels and Gunsmith are all about adding new ways to progress. A level cap increase still might come at some point though!

Regardless, thank you for sticking with us since day one and for your support! We hope you love this next season coming up for anniversary.

Originally posted by Striker00018

I was in the global launch of the game now 1 year later im still enjoying the game, i only can say thank you.

Right back at you, thank you very much for sticking with us the whole time and it is a pleasure to be able to interact with such a loyal player like you here in the community. Thrilled to hear you are still enjoying it. We hope some of these unique things coming in this next season will be a delightful and invigorating surprise for you.

Originally posted by demonslayer_

And that's also a crate weapon. I'm not gonna complain it's a win win for me since Im a bp only person XD

Yeah those are all actually all specifically not from Battle Passes. The only one that is kind of breaking that rule is the Arctic. 50 - Steel Blue, which is from a Battle Pass crate (back when we had those) and not the BP itself. We generally don't bring back anything from BPs since part of the point of the BP each season is that those unique items are only available there.

Of course, there is some wiggle room to all of that, but don't wouldn't expect to see anything from a BP return in general unless it is some special or incredibly unusual event or situation.

02 Oct

Originally posted by Demi-Fiend

That is a lot of days and sorry for missing your previous post. The issue sounds pretty clear, so thanks for the write-up last time. Let us check and see if this on that current list of fixes coming in this next update.

Originally posted by 503dev

Same here. As a gamer who confirmed mobile games you have convinced me otherwise. Hands down this is my favorite game. I don't mind spending time nor money. I am happy to see battle royale getting attention lately. This game also turned me into battle royale. It has been an insane ride since launch and even pre-launch, thank you.

That is lovely to read and thank you so much for the support! It has absolutely been insane to look at our original game one year and to see how it has grown. Also, if you are a fan of BR then you should have a lot to love in this next update.

Originally posted by KalmiaLetsi

They said they have alot going on next season meaning they'll be more content you can acquire as such only giving away 1 weapon

Yeah, we just have a pretty huge number of events going on top of a variety of giveaways or contests that will taking place during that season. We are trying to make it seem like a wealth of content without it feeling like it is overwhelming.

Originally posted by _xEsoteric

Thank you for the continuous support! The game right now is as good as it ever has been and I can't imagine how much better it can get with the next season(thought with this dev team I know I will be surprised)! This is such a minor detail that it feels inconsequential to say, but are there any plans to get the season schedule back to how it used to be (with new seasons coming on the first of every month)? In my opinion I used to be far more excited for the new seasons when they came on the new day of the new month - everything felt novel!

Thank you for the kind words, for the support, and for interesting piece of feedback. The short answer is that yes, ideally we'd also love to get it back to the beginning of each month, but that would just require us slowly pushing it back that way month after month since we don't want to shorten or stifle any of the upcoming seasons.

Originally posted by OmegaXesis

Add the top 2 winners instead of just 1 winner. It's so hard to choose haha! I cannot wait for the Anniversary update! The game is so different than when it first came out, and so many positive improvements have been made. Cheers to another year! :]

Haha, sorry. We almost went with two but we have so much going on during this next season that we wanted to narrow this down to just one winner.

Originally posted by Mum_Spaghetti5

any news on zombies maybe it is a surprise?

No news on that front!

When do they post?

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