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10 Oct

09 Oct

Originally posted by the_new_longneck

Happy cake day! I have a question while you're here. Ghost-loose ends has been leaked. Can you confirm if he will be in a BP, crate, draw, bundle or for free?

Haha, no we cannot. We don't respond to leaks as a general policy. Sure, they happen but we won't let it define our schedule for releasing and revealing that content. It isn't much further away though, you'll get an answer to that relatively soon.

Originally posted by demonslayer_

Still shows but im not really bothered

Thanks for the response. We thought it was just temporary last night, but we'll have someone check into it a bit further.

Originally posted by macxxiiimus

No worries! Thanks for that and Happy Cake day!

Haha, thank you for the cake day celebratory remarks!

Heya, we untagged this one as a leak because this is just from our Vietnam version of the game. No leaks involved here. For all of you folks on global you should be seeing a very similar pop-up in-game soon! As you might expect, all of our promotions, social posts, and reveals for this season are starting up just about now and leading up to launch. Enjoy!

We know this post is a bit old now, but we saw that as well and found that if you played any mode or played any video (like the lucky draw one) it would reset it back to normal. However, if anyone is still seeing this after playing matches, restarting the game, and it just isn't going away then please reply here and let us know.

Why thank you for borrowing this and for showing appreciation for it! These types of data images probably seem simple to make, but it took a surprisingly long time hahaha. This same team that talks to you all here also manages social media and managed the creation of this one with the help from designers and creative teams.

Anyways, we just wanted to say thank you very much and we love the discussion around all of these stats, especially the consistent bewilderment about the popularity of the Sparrow (that skill was incredibly popular when it launched).

Originally posted by NeXOmega

Happy cake day!

That must have meant we created this account on October 8th last year about a week after launch. That's crazy. Haha, what a long time it has been. Thank you for that reminder of just how much we've done in this last year.

Heya, this is so fantastic and unique! Thank you so much for being passionate enough to make something creative like this, and for wanting to celebrate the anniversary with is. We have a lot coming soon for anniversary, so hopefully you love it.

Thank you to everyone below for the cake day celebratory remarks! You are the best.

08 Oct

06 Oct

Originally posted by Redgrave1029

Now this 👆 is why Call of Duty: Mobile is the best game there is. Activision, you're awesome! 👍

And yes, it only happens when the skill is activated and it stays that way for the entire duration of the skill. I hope this gets fixed with the anniversary update.

On a side note, I know this not the appropriate place to make any requests but I know I speak for the community when I say this so please pardon me if you find this offensive.

Please contact @u/Comfortable_Drop_300 and solve his false ban of 10 (Ten) years. It's truly unfortunate that he got banned by the system for using a new device. I hope he gets his account back. There's also the issue of desync still which has left the community in an uproar for a fix. I know you're aware of this but still, it's something I wanted to highlight nevertheless.

Other than that, Kudos for everything you've accomplished so far and thank you all so much for your service. We...

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Thanks for all of the reply, for the kind words, and for the generally excellent attitude all around. Love it and appreciate it a great deal!

Also, yeah we saw those threads the other day for Comfortable Drop and have already sent up the ban appeal request to our security & enforcement team. Similarly, like you said we've been looking into desync and lag related issues for a good while now with a lot of mixed results. We've already put up some fixes in the last update that seem to have helped, but there are more investigations and work being done right now to further help eradicate or reduce those issues.

We'll check out this bug as well and hopefully it is as easy to reproduce as it sounds 👍

Originally posted by PAcMAcDO99

Say heya

Heyaaaaaa. Read that without thinking of the song by Outkast.

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3

Thanks, that a very clear example. We'll send it up right now. Also, thank you so much for grabbing the UID too. Sometimes usernames can have so many special characters in them that it makes it extremely tough to find them due to it all being case sensitive.

Heya, thanks for pinging us on this one. While we can't generally provide a lot of information back if our team confirms it is a legitimate ban, we are of course happy to check all the same and double check with the security & enforcement team. Hang tight!

05 Oct

Originally posted by Sorry_Door

I think banning for vpn is dumbest shit of all. I mean there are legitimate uses for vpn. Heck even i find myself using vpn only to switch it off just in time before game. Atleast show a warning that vpn is on/disable launching when game is opened. Not everyone is looking to cheat.

Hey there, we generally haven't done any VPN bans since the pre-launch betas when we were trying to make sure we were only getting players from certain regions or countries. There are likely some exceptions where someone did something on top of using a VPN and that may have seemed like it was just VPN related, but it isn't usually something you should need to worry about getting banned for.

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3

I reported a hacker with video proof on reddit as well as discord but he's still not banned

Heya, where at? We definitely don't see everything, but we have a lot of people out there (including folks from our security and enforcement team) checking community posts regularly for ban reports in various areas. Have a link?

Also, it could just be that they were not cheating and the team didn't agree. Always a possibility assuming it just isn't something where no one from our teams have seen the post.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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