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Originally posted by GabeFz

Hey! Will we have a new marksman rifle in game soon? Would love another one, kilo bolt action is tons of fun!

Heya, glad to hear you are loving the Kilo! That weapon has certainly made an impact in relation to both it being very strong if you are accurate and making a positive impression on people. We don't have any news on any other Marksmen rifles coming in this next season, but we'll have to check back after that releases to see if we can start to share a bit about any weapons from S13.

Originally posted by 0Wraith0

u/COD_MOBILE_OFFICIAL can you please fix the undead fog mode...the ammount of zombies that spwan are VERY VERY LESS...ngl AOUT is more intense than this mode


That may or may not be something we can change this late in the game, once the mode is already live and only for a short period of time, but we see your feedback and are monitoring a bunch of other posts to see if this is a common response so far.

Originally posted by Poenitere

We are afraid that's a new issue that we hadn't seen before. Yes, to some of those mentions there of overheating on iOS devices (which we mentioned in the update here), but not high CPU usage to the point where it would cause crashing or slowdown. We'll try to look into that one too, but we'll likely need to just start asking for a variety of information since those responses don't all sound the same in relation to how much CPU usage is being utilized and what kind of issues it is seemingly causing as a result.

Originally posted by Elysium0601

Wait. So the Man-O-War Cardinal won't be coming to Garena?

Not unless those teams ran something separately for this weapon as well. The vote we did was specifically for the global version of CODM, it wouldn't have made sense to do it for multiple regions since each region may have different options for those weapons and availabilities based on how they were released originally.

Originally posted by Rj_107

Hi , i just wanted to let you know about the shield bug many of us have been experiencing that and a lot of posts have been made too but since you might not have seen it . Basically i The shield stops working 20-30% of the times i think , what happens is that it doesn't deploy even if you out in the open no matter what it has nothing to do with the lack of space also sometimes it only deploys the fire and not the shield

Love this games devs hope you fix this , WE ALL LOVE YOU

Heya, we have seen some posts about the passive trait seemingly not working, but are you just saying that it is not able to be deployed? Is it not related to trying to deploy on it slopes and it not working since it generally needs flat ground? Also, is this for MP or BR?

Heya, this is a contest we ran specifically for the Global community and called it out as such when we ran that community vote. Anything generally coming from our account is going to be for Global, which is published by Activision, while Garena has its own events and teams.

Please don't blame the Garena teams for not running the same event, there are plenty of events that are only run in each specific version, like the Anniversary event Garena ran at the beginning of October that people used in this subreddit as an excuse to attack the global version for not having enough Anniversary related events.

Yeah it was global only. Generally any contests we run from this account are specifically only global. Occasionally we get the chance to do something with all regions, but it is safe to assume if we are posting something it is about Global.

Originally posted by heni55

Actually thanks, this season is best, I liked all anniversary items specially Alcatraz because it's first huge addition I ever seen since alpha version of game when I played it back then, and game seems smooth for me now ( before was lagging), but I still have a wonder, Will you ever change BR time cycle and make sunrise look like WZ/one in game background and trailer as well? Would be great for visual change, also did you ever resolved "redeemed already" issue in redeem website ? And lastly, since I was playing game since alpha, there was tranzit man for zombie mode, if you ever bringing zombie mode back, please bring that map in, had lot of memories there while testing codm.

Hey hey, thanks for the positive feedback and glad to hear it is running well for you. We tend to only see the opposite, which is just the nature of bugs, but it is nice to see someone saying performance is improved.

In regards to Battle Royale, sure it is possible and we have changes coming later on, but we cannot call them out right now. At the moment, we are pretty interested in continually expanding or evolving that map as opposed to adding an entire map of that size. Of course, Alcatraz is around now too as a mix between your usual BR and something more like TDM.

Lastly, yeah we fixed some issue with the website last week and that seems to have helped the large majority of people. However, if you are still running into redeemed already issues please reach out to our support teams. They can figure that out and find a way to help out, even if that just means sending it manually to your account.

Originally posted by Definitely_a_bot3279

Hey! It’s been two seasons and I still haven’t received the tank and hvk skins from the survival skills and 10 men regiment events. I already tried in-game support but it’s been 4 weeks and still no rewards. Any help would be appreciated

While your username concerns us (haha) we can try to help with that ourselves. Can you just let us know your UID? We'll take a look sometime tonight and see what we can do.

Originally posted by TherealDougJudy

Hey CODM! Any infos on the coming of the Overkill Perk?

Hey! No not yet. Still the same situation as before where we aren't quite comfortable enough with weapon balance after the introduction of Gunsmith. We need weapon balance to be damn near perfect before we drop Overkill into the mix since that can have a huge effect on weapon balance as well.

Originally posted by m0stno0b1327

Where is Man O war Cardinal ?

In the credit store right now! Also, if it isn't clear because we already saw some comments about that, this is only for the global version of the CODM. Generally anything this account posts is specifically for global, not Garena, Vietnam, or Korea. Each version has different versions and events like that (usually).

Originally posted by frostdragon153

Is from BO3, as i remember was a very powerful weapon but very underrated, i liked to use it

Ah, we see. No word on that one coming to CODM at the moment. The next weapon coming in S12 isn't an LMG, but there is always hope for the next season or the one after that!

Originally posted by frostdragon153

Hey Devs, Thanks for all the things you brought this anniversary season, like the club, alcatraz, and pumpkin confirmed, i like them a lot!

But i want to ask if 48-Dredge LMG is going to ever release, that weapon has been a long time in the game without being released and would be pretty interesing to see a 6 burst weapon into the game

Hey hey, glad to hear you've been digging all of this fun madness we've been throwing your way with all of these different events and modes! What's the 48-Dredge LMG from though? We aren't familiar with that, either as a weapon from previous COD titles or as something we've ever brought up for CODM.


Originally posted by MoistSong

Desync cant be entirely fixed. Its been around in all cods for almost 10 years and other fps too, if you know. Any game dev can try as much to fix it but desync cant completely go away. Whatever you do, increase tick rate, improve netcode, add more servers, all of these has already been tried and yet desync cant be eliminated, can only be reduced.

Very true all around, but we are definitely still trying to find ways to decrease it. From what we can tell, our last couple of attempts to do that have helped quite a bit, but there are still issues and we are doing our best to narrow them down.

Originally posted by BiigLord

Can't you use derivatives of that meme? Using that emoji + the words would be OK, no?

Emojis + words are all good! They save us from being emotionless husks haha. It is more just about memes and actual pictures used in relation to that.

Originally posted by DecayableRadiologist

Hey just wanted to make sure you were aware that ever since yesterday, iOS users are experiencing overheating and frame rate drops. If you take a look at the sub right now, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yeah, we've seen it and think it is related to the frame rate cap issue we've brought up a few times, specifically on iOS, where if you don't lower your cap it will cause your device to overheat. This is something the team aims to fix in a future update, but it is a weird issue overall since it shouldn't be happening in the first place yet seems to clearly be tied to that cap allowing your device to just go crazy.

Originally posted by Peace-Fighter

It's coming tomorrow posted in Twitter by cod mobile

Yup! Credit update is tomorrow at 5 pm (PT). Still on the way.

Originally posted by MisterScary_98

😏 First time?

Haha, we definitely missed an opportunity there. However, it would only be perfect if we could use the screencap from that movie and we definitely cannot do that. Fun/sad fact, accounts from large companies generally don't use memes that others crate. Too many potential complications, especially if someone technically could own that meme.

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