16 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Hello Exiles! Quick update:

Both console patches are currently in the certification step. We will, of course, release them as soon as possible, and hope to have them certified in time to release by tomorrow, Wednesday March 31 - but we can’t offer a guarantee at this exact moment.

Please note: This could mean that one of the consoles gets the update before the other. We won’t hold the release for one console up just because the other one hasn’t completed certification yet.

More info as soon as we have it! Thanks for your patience and support!

15 days ago - Dana - Direct link

Greetings everyone and thank you for being patient and understanding with us.

Unfortunately neither the Xbox or PS4 patch have been certified at this point. We will thus not be able to deliver on the expectation of patching this month, for which we apologize. We were too optimistic with the timeline.
We of course plan to release both as soon as possible, and are working on addressing any issues and coordinating with both Microsoft and Sony to have the certification completed in the shortest possible time frame. Currently we do not have a clear estimate for the releases, but will share with you once we do.
Though we don’t have a clear estimate for the releases, this does mean we missed the window for this week.

As always, thank you for your continued support.