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Hey there,

I’m merging all threads reporting startup crashes on PC into this thread for tidiness sake!
Thanks :slight_smile:


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Hi guys, please could you zip up the ‘saved’ folder and mail to me at:
[email protected]

I need this folder (and all of its contents) please:

We are looking into this issue right now.


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Hey there,

I have merged again all threads reporting crashing issues on PC.
Since most of the developers are enjoying a well-deserved rest during these vacations, you can try the workaround suggested by @Fitzcrank:

Thank you all for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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I’ve done some searching on forums and message boards for other Unreal Engine games that have similar messages pop-up when launching. I could find two suggestions that kept repeating:

  1. Restart Steam and disable your anti-virus, then try to launch the game again
  2. Shutdown your computer and restart it (yes, one of the main suggestions was literally to turn your computer off and on again)

It’s worth a shot :slight_smile:

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Merged the two threads together and keeping this open as a general “crash issues and solutions thread” :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately this is a little beyond my current technical expertise. Based on your computer hardware there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues.

I’ll check in with someone from the dev team and see fi they have a solution. My main tip is always to verify the game installation in Steam (which you’ve done), and updating all available drivers.

We haven’t declared the Steam forums “obsolete”, but we wanted a more centralized forum where we could engage with the community. Hence the Funcom forums.