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The Gates of Oblivion story reaches its climactic finale in The Deadlands DLC. The way to Mehrunes Dagon’s realm has been opened and his legions of Daedra and cultists prepare to unleash a series of new and terrifying Daedric inventions on the lands of Tamriel. The call now sounds for heroes to thwart these schemes.

In addition to the burning and scoured fields of Mehrunes Dagon’s domain, The Deadlands DLC also invites you to visit Fargrave, a mysterious city shrouded in the corners of Oblivion. Here, “friendly” Daedra and mortals inhabit a metropolis unlike any other. But despite the tentative peace, tensions lurk beneath the city … tensions that Mehrunes Dagon is eager to exploit for his own gain.

The Deadlands DLC introduces several new item sets, collectibles, outfit styles, achievements, titles and more!

The base game introduces some exciting new features including the new Armory system – which allows you to save out character builds – curated item set drops to help you complete your item set collections, new Mythic items, and more! Be sure to check out all the details below. There are also a number of changes affecting combat and itemization including some adjustments to proc sets and critical hit damage, plus allowing sets to now grant hybrid stats. For a full summary of the changes affecting combat, please see this forum post.

We hope you enjoy our latest DLC, which is approximately 50.3GB in size.

[*] New Features / Updates / Big Changes[list]
[*] Deadlands DLC[list]
[*] New Zone: The Deadlands
[*] New Item Sets
[*] New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes
[*] New Achievements & Titles
[*] New Motifs
[*] New Furnishings[/list]
[*] Base Game[list]
[*] The Armory System
[*] Curated Item Set Drops
[*] Item Set Collection Summary
[*] New Mythic Items
[*] Map Updates
[*] Combat Music Options
[*] New PvP Emote [/list][/list]
[*] Chapters & DLCs[list]
[*] Blackwood
[*] Clockwork City
[*] Dragon Bones
[*] Dragonhold
[*] Greymoor
[*] Horns of the Reach
[*] Imperial City
[*] Markarth
[*] Morrowind
[*] Murkmire
[*] Orsinium
[*] Scalebreaker
[*] Shadows of the Hist
[*] Summerset
[*] Thieves Guild
[*] Waking Flame
[*] Wolfhunter
[*] Wrathstone[/list]
[*] Combat & Gameplay[list]
[*] Combat & Abilities
[*] Champion System
[*] Itemization & Item Sets[/list]
[*] Base Game[list]
[*] Alliance War & PvP
[*] Art & Animation
[*] Audio
[*] Crafting & Economy
[*] Crown Store & Crown Crates
[*] Dungeons & Group Content
[*] Events & Celebrations
[*] Exploration & Itemization
[*] Housing
[*] Miscellaneous
[*] Monsters & NPCs
[*] Quests & Zones
[*] UI