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This morning I opened my email and had received, unsolicited, two different access codes for Elder Scrolls Online. They both came from "noreply@mail.elderscrollsonline.com" supposedly. The emails are both in the Russian language, so I can't read them. This seems highly suspicious to me. Needless to say I'm not likely to use these access codes because I didn't pay for them or ask for them, and I don't know what they are access codes for.

Did ZOS get hacked or something? Anyone else get these unsolicited access codes? I've never had something like this happen before. Anyone know what's going on here?


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Hi everyone, if you received one of these emails, please submit a ticket with Support and provide the details. You can choose the "Account Recovery" category. Thank you!
We have received some reports of customers receiving unexpected one-time password (OTP) emails. Unfortunately, it is common this time of year, especially in gaming, to see an uptick in account security-related activity.

Firstly, we want to let everyone know that we recently made some changes to the OTP system to enhance player security. You may see additional OTP emails for a short while, and it is possible they may appear in a foreign language. We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that OTP emails are designed to protect your account and to provide some tips on how to best protect yourselves and your accounts.

Anytime you receive a one-time password email that you didn't expect, we recommend you take the following standard steps:
[*] Delete the email without clicking any links
[*] Out of an abundance of caution, change your ESO password to a new, unique password
[*] Never reuse passwords from other accounts
We also strongly recommend that you enable multi-factor authentication on all personal accounts where it is available, including email accounts associated with your game account.

If you need additional assistance or notice anything unusual, we are here to help - just submit a ticket via our Support Portal.

Here are some additional Support articles related to OTP emails and ESO account security:
[*] What do I do if I'm not getting the access code emails?
[*] How can I ensure my ESO account is secure?
[*] Why am I being asked to authorize my computer with an access code for The Elder Scrolls Online?
[*] What should I do if the access code when logging in isn't working?
[*] Why am I being asked for an access code despite always having the same IP address?

Thank you.

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