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Left High Isle to return to Riften and log out, and character can only move - cannot interact with anything, cannot jump, cannot bar swap, cannot light attack, cannot mount. Only thing I can do is take a screen snapshot. Will have to wait and get timed out in order to log off. Great.

Cannot submit in game bug report because I cannot bring up text chat window or use Options button at all. Completely dead on the water.

Also cannot /reloadui.

Really enjoying the new update...

EDIT: want to add it’s not my internet, hubby is playing on another PS5 in the other room right now with no issues so far.
Hello! Thank you @katanagirl1 and @ElementalDud for reporting this. We're looking into it and the detail that it happened after using a Wayshrine does help. If anyone has additional details, please drop them in this thread.

As a follow-up, @katanagirl1 and @ElementalDud would you two please put in a Support ticket via our Support Portal so we can gather a bit more info from you? Thank you!
Hey @ElementalDud and @Olav_the_Stout, which Wayshrine did you use and where were you traveling to and from?
Thanks, everyone!

For those reporting this issue, were you queued up for something in the Activity Finder when this happened? If so, what queue were you in?
Thanks everyone. We are tracking a separate UI error that seems directly related to the Activity Finder. It sounds like this is something different.

For those who encounter this issue, could you please try manually closing the game, and let us know here if that does not work?

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