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[BUG!] "Moongave Fane" group dungeon has door malfunction
Can't through the door after second boss phase.
Very annoying bug for every players, and still not fixed yet.
Not only this dungeon, but also other dungeon still has this type of bugs.
Re-queue for those type of bug is extremely time wasting, so must fix it immediately.
10 months ago - ZOS_JessicaFolsom - Direct link
Hey @AvalonRanger thanks for the report. Are you able to provide any additional details that may help us reproduce this issue? You mention that "other dungeons have this type of bug" as well. Which dungeons? And it is specifically doors? Is it everyone in your party or just you?

Lastly, is this new as of today, or was it happening before today's update?
10 months ago - ZOS_JessicaFolsom - Direct link

I play on the PlayStation NA server and had this bug about a month ago at the same spot OP is describing. We tried all dying and respawning at beginning of dungeon, we looked for any trash mobs we might have missed. Nothing worked and we couldn't finish the dungeon

Thank you, @NiteFire! These details are helpful.

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