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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.38 (PS4)/v1.20 (PS5) and the final DLC in this year’s Legacy of the Bretons adventure: Firesong! In this update, you can explore the island of Galen and dive deep into the culture and histories of Tamriel’s druids. While doing so, collect new item sets, unique collectibles, Antiquities, achievements, and more. You’ll also be able to discover a new Tales of Tribute Patron deck during your adventures through Firesong – The Druid King.

In the Update 36 base game patch, we’ve added a new Target Marker system that allows you to mark allies, enemies, and even yourself with a unique icon. There are also several Housing quality of life improvements, along with a new setting to hide pets around some of the more busy interaction stations in towns. For PvP, Emperor bonuses will now scale depending on how many home Keeps you own, and we’ve added Armory Stations in both Cyrodiil and Imperial City. This latest update is approximately 39.25GB for PS4 and 6.96GB for PS5. Thank you and enjoy!

[*] New Features / Updates / Big Changes[list]
[*] Firesong DLC Game Pack[list]
[*] New Zone: Galen
[*] New Item Sets
[*] New Patron Deck: The Druid King
[*] New Collectibles & Dyes
[*] New Antiquites
[*] New Furnishings
[*] New Achievements and Titles
[*] New PlayStation Trophies[/list]
[*] Update 36 Base Game[list]
[*] Target Marker System
[*] Hiding Pets in Towns
[*] Housing Quality of Life Improvements
[*] Emperor Scaling in Cyrodiil
[*] Armory Stations in PvP
[*] Chat Narration
[*] Daily Login Reward Timer Change[/list][/list]
[*] Fixes & Improvements[list]
[*] Chapters & DLCs
[*] Combat & Gameplay[list]
[*] Combat & Abilities
[*] Champion System
[*] Companions
[*] Itemization & Item Sets[/list]
[*] Base Game