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898s all right everyone hello and welcome
900s back to another episode of professors I
902s am here you guys already know me I'm
904s Lucy and I am actually here with someone
906s pretty special from homeless laptop so
907s we have jast here today how are you
909s doing today I'm doing good thank you
912s awesome yeah thank you for joining us
914s here another member of homeless laptops
916s here we actually had a Cairo yesterday
917s so that or not yesterday I should say
919s last month uh that was pretty exciting
921s yesterday was ercs some a little bit uh
923s a little messy here but that is okay um
925s so yeah I think we can get right started
927s here let's just ask you know some of
929s those nice preliminary questions you
931s know we just want to get a little bit
932s know to know a little bit more about you
934s so when did you actually start playing
936s eternal
937s return uh I started the game on the
940s official release well I I heard of it in
943s like Early Access I think I played it a
944s little bit but I started really playing
946s on the official release when it
949s dropped in season
951s one awesome yeah and then so you started
953s playing in season 1 uh you know you got
955s your feet wet you had a little bit of
956s fun here and there and then you know I
958s know I asked this question last month
960s but you know just for a refresher for
961s anyone that wasn't here how did homeless
962s laptops actually form oh yeah it was
966s like in N I switch chat I think or some
968s random chat where K was like I think I
971s think K was like oh yeah I play but I
972s don't have a team and then R was like oh
974s yeah I'll play and like okay bet we need
976s a third I was like oh I'll I'll play you
978s know so we all just happen to be there
979s randomly so we just decided to make a
981s team just like that oh look at that you
984s I think it's the only te that's ever
985s been formed in just like a twitch chat
986s in like a matter of seconds that's kind
989s of interesting cuz now look at you guys
990s here I mean you guys won ercs last
992s season and you know congrats to your
994s guys' uh wins uh two days ago cuz you
997s guys played on the first day you know
998s it's getting first in your group so
1000s that's really exciting congrats there uh
1003s so yeah I think other than that we can
1005s jump right in it here um but first
1007s before we actually jump into like the
1008s build and all the exciting stuff uh
1010s let's just touch a bit on the character
1011s suame since she's a little bit new here
1013s and she also got a rework in the
1015s beginning of the Season uh so what was
1018s the what were like the reworked points
1020s of her kit before we get started
1023s here uh so originally suame was a
1026s character that played a lot more like an
1029s assassin whereas right now she's an ADC
1031s so back then she was all about sneaking
1035s her way into the backline and looking to
1037s like kill the Mages or the adcs back
1039s there and like working trying to like
1042s avoid the the frontliners while she's at
1045s it with her invincibility and all that
1047s and her High
1048s Mobility so so yeah she got a little bit
1050s tuned out a little bit it sounds like
1051s not a little too crazy anymore but still
1053s exciting nonetheless let's uh get right
1056s into it here we're going to pull up your
1058s build ID which I know we'll have
1059s available for the chat and we're just
1061s going to kind of you know run through
1062s everyone uh everything and you know just
1064s kind of Hit the key points here let's
1066s start off with your items and your
1068s routing if you just want to give us some
1069s insight on that so for the weapon we
1073s have a cards of chy this is just the
1076s best ADC Shri can item fat is not very
1078s useful for
1080s subam uh tuxedo is where you the item
1084s you take if you want crit on your on
1086s your uh chest piece uh it's pretty solid
1089s the only downside of this is that
1090s there's no defense so you are pretty
1092s squishy if you build
1094s tuxedo uh for the
1096s headpiece we do tack Ops and the reason
1098s this item is good because it sort of
1100s gives you everything you want the
1101s electric shock passive is really good at
1104s killing those tanky guys and the CDR is
1107s nice for having up your w attack speed
1109s is obviously good and the neque thing
1112s about this it is it also gives HP and
1114s since subam is a character that
1115s positions really aggressively any sort
1118s of defensive stats are like useful so
1120s that's why we want the HP on the
1124s headpiece uh for the arm we have plasma
1126s Arc plasma Arc just really really solid
1128s attack Power Defense attack speed like
1130s really good and for the leg we have buis
1134s which is uh really strong and it
1137s transitions into our other
1140s uh our racing boots which is what we
1141s want later in the game so for the
1144s routing we do Gas Station Hotel Pond uh
1148s this one's pretty simple you can also do
1150s fire station School Pond and call this
1154s so you will you can just sort of swap in
1156s between the two depending on how
1158s populated each area is looking you can
1160s just decide on the spot but both of them
1162s work just fine I'll find myself flexing
1164s in between one or the other
1169s should I go into attack skill yeah yeah
1171s we can go right into attack skills here
1172s um you know I know you probably have one
1174s that you want to preference uh so we can
1176s start like with your preference and then
1177s if there's any that you want to add in
1179s that are like viable you can definitely
1180s do so so the tax that suab should be
1183s running is Blink because blink just
1185s provides the most utility it just gives
1188s the character the most uh the other
1190s alternative option is electric shift
1192s which is uh also pretty good but blink
1196s is going to be a lot better for what
1199s your character wants to do in the game
1201s so while electric shift is really good
1203s for you know sort of cting out front
1205s liners hitting from a safe distance
1207s blink lets you that flexibility that
1209s lets you get into the backline or move
1211s really quickly around the fight that
1212s sort of
1214s thing aesome uh yeah we can go right
1216s into augments uh once again you know you
1219s can just highlight you know what you do
1221s on your build here but if there's
1223s anything else that is viable definitely
1225s uh you know give it to out to the chat
1226s and to the viewers out here
1229s so the
1230s best best augment on subam is just
1232s adrenaline it just gives you what you
1234s want the attack speed is really really
1235s good let you break the attack speed cap
1237s and with all the items and your W will
1239s be breaking the attack speed cap when
1240s you hit six saacks and um it also gives
1243s you move speed when you hit Max which is
1245s really nice for chasing especially
1248s because getting that move speed gives
1249s you more hits gives you more W cool down
1251s ref sets which we'll get to in a second
1253s so it's just a really good augment
1254s probably the best by far vampiric is
1256s also okay but I think adrenaline is just
1258s better
1260s for
1261s augments um for sub augments you can run
1264s either dismantle Goliath or frenzy I do
1267s think generally speaking dismantle goli
1269s is better on a character like subam but
1273s because we're running uh the attack
1274s visor which gives Max
1276s HP uh you'd actually prefer to go frenzy
1279s because you know dismantle Goliath has
1281s anti- Synergy if you're building HP in
1283s your build so that's why you just prefer
1285s frenzy which is still a really good
1286s option and then here you can run anim
1289s Reaper and Reaper just best these other
1291s two
1292s suck and then for uh the other tree I
1296s think you just go Blue Tree un rving is
1298s really really good it gives you the
1299s bulkiness that you sort of need on this
1301s character a shield when you press R is
1303s like really useful especially because
1305s your ult is just putting you right in
1306s the action so you're definitely going to
1308s be take damage after you do zap so this
1311s is just the best blue here and then on
1313s this side uh you can take either calade
1316s or steadfast with we're actually pretty
1317s good calade re got nerfed so that's why
1321s I actually just depending on the lobby I
1323s choose between calade or setfast calade
1325s is going to be like a lot better if you
1328s don't have guys who are like surrounding
1329s you set fast is good just if it looks
1332s really good in the lobby but just take
1333s cocade pretty much I wouldn't worry
1335s about it too
1337s much awesome uh yeah let's go into late
1340s game items here uh just kind of
1341s highlight you know which items you could
1343s go and if there's any like pivotal items
1344s you can go like any VF items or any side
1348s grides we can definitely highlight those
1349s as well M so for items uh the first item
1353s you're going to want to get is penor
1355s it's just a really really strong spike
1357s in the early game and also cards of
1360s tyranny gives crit so transitioning so
1364s the thing about this base build is that
1365s you're on 100% crit so transitioning off
1367s this uh crit piece into pedal Tor lets
1370s you build uh change this arm piece which
1373s has no crit into mythal arm band later
1375s which does and it it lets you keep that
1376s Max but anyways you're gonna run rush
1379s pedal torrent it's just the strongest
1380s Spike for the first item the passive is
1383s really really good um then you're want
1385s to go want to go racing boots then
1388s mythro armband and then like you know
1391s you're going to prioritize them in like
1393s this order myth armband teiser and
1395s Spectre but honestly after these first
1397s two items it just sort of depends
1398s whatever order you get the RG you'll
1400s just slam what you get you get a myth
1401s you slam this tree you slam this you
1403s know it's not that
1404s deep and um if you do get a VF um I
1409s recommend upgrading the weapon upgrading
1412s burgy is also a viable option but I
1413s think the weapon is probably stronger
1416s and you're going to want to keep the
1417s weapon on the base version as well you
1420s can upgrade to Vigor if you
1423s get uh if you're in like a particularly
1425s tanky Lobby so you can decide by the
1427s game but generally speaking the uh base
1429s version of black L Shri is going to be
1430s the
1432s best yeah um I actually had a question
1434s from someone in the chat here they're
1436s asking uh why red shoes isn't on the
1438s list of like VF upgrades here uh retu is
1442s good and it is actually an upgrade that
1444s I would take but I just put black L sh
1446s in here because if you get a blood
1447s that's what you're upgrading and suppose
1449s you get a second blood I would probably
1451s go for the burgundy 47 before I get red
1454s shoes but I mean if you get the red
1456s shoes from a box it's perfectly
1457s acceptable to replace uh the racing
1459s boots with that same thing goes for
1461s blood Ripper as
1462s well aesome and then yeah let's go into
1465s the skill leveling here uh so first
1468s first uh with a skill leveling let's
1470s just talk about the skills individually
1473s and then we can kind of go into like
1474s what order that you actually level them
1476s in MH uh I guess the first thing we
1478s should probably talk about is the
1479s passive so it's pretty much uh you hit
1482s them three times uh they can have up to
1485s three life and death seal stacks and
1487s then if you hit them while they have
1489s three stacks on them then it explodes
1491s and does extra damage and so how that
1494s works with the Q is that the Q is just
1495s you throw through shurikens and they
1497s slow and if they have a stack on them so
1501s if they have a stack on them already the
1503s will apply two stacks on them so if they
1505s have one stack their stack number will
1507s go up to three if they have two stacks
1509s uh it will explode and yeah just like
1512s that um your W it's just a attack speed
1517s move speed St the unique thing about
1519s this is that whenever you hit somebody
1521s though the cool down is reduced by one
1523s so basically if you are able to
1526s constantly get those hits in you can
1527s sort of have infinite up time on your
1529s attack speed and move speed like
1531s that um your e is like a dash and that
1536s leaves a log at your original location
1537s and it turns you invisible for just a
1539s second so this is really good for
1542s escaping you know chasing all that but
1545s you can also recast it and you can
1546s teleport back to that log that you
1548s originally placed so it's really useful
1550s for like being slippery and like
1552s repositioning in a fight and all
1555s that and then the ult is uh
1559s basically like a big Dash that is a
1561s point and click so ideally you're going
1564s to want to use this when they have three
1567s stacks on them because when they have
1568s three stacks of the passive it will
1571s refund 80% of your cool down and it will
1574s also like eat all the stacks and do the
1576s damage uh but you can also just rip it
1579s on somebody who doesn't have three
1580s stacks it just sort of depends on the
1582s situation but it's a difference of
1583s having a cool down of 10 seconds or 50
1586s seconds so if you're going to use it
1587s without Three Stacks being on them then
1589s you have to be really careful with that
1590s sort of
1594s thing awesome uh yeah so then you know
1597s after so all the other abilities do so
1599s what is your your max order for the
1601s character when you're leveling them out
1603s through the game uh so you're just going
1605s to want to Max passive first because it
1607s does the most damage it just does it's
1609s really really good uh then you're going
1611s to want to Max W uh because it's just
1614s your primary you know that's just how
1616s you do damage you Max Q afterwards emx
1620s SEC afterwards is viable but probably
1622s don't do it just max Q cool down reduces
1625s the cool down does more damage and then
1627s you just max El last as the utility
1630s spell awesome all right well I think we
1635s are through all of the build stuff here
1637s unless there's anything you wanted to
1638s highlight quick before we move on into
1640s the practice
1641s tool oh very good all right awesome yeah
1644s so let's uh yeah pivot over to the
1646s practice tool here we'll load up and
1648s then yeah you just uh take us through
1649s your route and kind of explain anything
1651s you need to while you're routing uh like
1654s if you need to pick up sticks or rocks
1656s in a certain location or you need
1657s leather in another and yeah I'll start
1660s spinning out more questions as we go
1663s sure uh we have a question from Chris
1666s here you know we love Chris uh he said
1668s personally I prefer taking greed SG with
1671s st shackles and urban Warfare for the
1672s additional burst that they step in your
1674s traps is that an okay alternative to
1676s your recommended blue
1677s augments uh if you want to go green tree
1679s I would actually recommend coin toss and
1681s Penny Pincher rather than coin toss and
1683s Penny Pincher are actually pretty good
1685s but I think saami gets too much value
1687s from the blue augments for you to be
1689s running the other
1694s trees yeah you just start out on gas TP
1698s hotel next
1701s afterwards and you're usually just going
1703s to be grabbing all of the other like
1705s sticks Stones Lea you're going going to
1707s be grabbing those when you uh reach
1714s pond so there's very simple threes oner
1717s very
1725s quick is there any uh like characters
1727s you should look out for when you're on
1729s your routing uh like is there any like
1730s matchups that you're like yeah just
1732s completely avoid this all together or
1734s you know is everything kind of free game
1736s uh n saame is pretty broken early game
1738s she will she has a chance to win pretty
1741s much every fight so I would say go ahead
1745s and say like you don't have to be scared
1746s of anything like that let's go ahead and
1747s take the fight a big deal you're going
1749s to the only thing that match up that I
1752s would say just run away from is Chloe
1755s because Chloe is a character that also
1756s ends Pond and she is kind of broken when
1758s she gets her ultimate pretty much no
1760s character can beat her uh and I sh up
1763s one one at least suame
1765s can't at that stage so run away from her
1769s but other than that all the cam the shis
1772s you can probably
1773s win sorry I just uh has a good question
1777s uh what is the optimal amount optimal
1778s amount of lag for playing
1781s suame uh personally I run the game about
1783s uh 50 FPS but when it goes into fights I
1786s like to drop around 30 FPS or 40 but uh
1789s I think optimal would probably be
1791s somewhere around like above that you
1794s know above that you probably you
1796s probably don't want to be below 60 yeah
1798s you don't want
1800s that um someone was also asking um is
1802s armor pen not a viable like stat for
1806s subab uh it definitely is a viable stat
1809s uh this is just one way that you can
1811s build subam but there are actually lots
1812s of alternatives for example you can run
1816s uh chain of thorns inventory or you
1818s could be running Twilight there's still
1820s viable options on suame but it just
1822s requires reworking the build to be like
1824s not this know but it's still a fine
1826s option the stats are still useful in
1829s and she can definitely make use of them
1830s it's just that I think that this is the
1831s beste right
1834s now well is there um any other like Tech
1838s that you want to show us like uh is
1840s there anything important that you have
1841s to know about your abilities when you're
1843s fighting like I know you're explaining
1844s like the auto with the que and how many
1846s stacks it applies I mean that's
1848s something we can definitely run through
1849s now as well yeah I'll just go ahead and
1851s Che so here you can see the uh
1855s St here you can see every time my auto
1858s attack it gives a stack and if I pop it
1861s with another Auto it'll do extra damage
1864s and so you'll see the Q uh I have a
1866s stack on them here IQ and it applies two
1869s stacks and so if there are two stacks
1872s it'll proc them Marc entirely but the
1874s thing is that when there are three
1876s stacks and you
1878s Q when there are three stacks and you Q
1881s it doesn't get leave like an extra Mark
1882s it's just going to uh Pro the mark there
1886s so um one thing is that you have notice
1889s here that every time I'm Auto attacking
1892s the cool down of w is getting reduced so
1895s honestly I'd recommend when you get
1897s really later into the game and there's
1898s just a lot of things that you need to
1900s focus on you can sort of just mash the W
1902s every time you Auto attack it's not that
1903s good deal um yeah also you have the E
1907s here so ideally when you cast the E uh
1912s the best way to use this is that suppose
1913s someone is diving you you you want to
1915s cast the E and you want to kite away
1917s from the log and what that will do is
1919s it'll let you get the max value when you
1921s go ahead and take the log back like
1924s that
1926s um and then here's another thing is that
1928s obviously you can let them get three
1931s stacks on them and you and you see how
1933s it was a 40 it's a 40 second cool down
1935s but because I stacked it three times it
1936s turned into 8 seconds right but there
1939s are also going to be moments where you
1940s just need to go really fast you don't
1942s have time to um you don't have time to
1944s wait Pro the sacks you just need to get
1946s that movement instantly you can just go
1948s and rip the but just know that it's not
1950s going to be up for a very long time if
1953s you do that sort of
1954s thing um another thing to note about it
1958s is that uh so generally what you're
1961s going to want to do with your abilities
1962s is you're going to want to Auto attack
1964s you and then ult like that and I think
1968s an important tip for super is that you
1970s don't have to wait for the visual
1971s confirmation of these abilities hitting
1973s I'd recommend like if you know that it's
1975s going to hit just press just Auto attack
1977s q and then instantly even before the CU
1979s lands and it's going to give you a lot
1981s more
1982s fluidity uh in fights and that's like a
1985s mistake I see a lot of people do that
1987s you know you don't always have to wait
1989s for pit confirm yeah sometimes they'll
1990s like Flink out of your que and then like
1992s you're in an awkward spot or like maybe
1993s you miss but it really is important to
1996s like you know get that get that damage
1999s out as soon as
2001s possible and another thing is swam is a
2003s shuriken character and the unique thing
2005s about shuriken is that you can actually
2007s animation cancel this your abilities so
2009s notice here like I'm Auto attacking
2011s right and then like say like I see a
2012s moment where I want to F the sh uh I
2015s lose a little bit of up time on my
2016s damage right but you can sort of
2018s counteract this by animation canceling
2020s it so for example you can animation
2023s cancel it with Q how that works is you
2025s will press the D skill first and then
2026s you'll Q instantly after so it'll look
2028s like this and you see that the animation
2030s was completely canceled and the
2032s shurikens are on the ground uh this is
2034s really useful um when you're sort of
2037s just team fighting and just
2039s like like do like this it provides a lot
2041s of control instantly on the ground cuz
2043s you're slowing them you're hitting them
2044s with the sh can for the slow and then
2045s you're dropping the cow drops here and
2048s it provides a lot of control for the
2049s fight the way that I use it the most
2051s actually though is animation canceling
2052s it with the E so suppose someone is
2054s diving me right here usually what I'll
2056s do is I'll press D and then I'll press e
2059s like this and it animation cancels so
2062s you just of throwing them while you're
2063s rolling and it is really helpful for
2066s getting away and you can also an she
2068s cancel it with the ultimate as well uh
2071s which is useful but uh I don't really do
2073s that one that
2077s alome um I think you know I think you
2080s actually hit a lot of the questions that
2082s actually I was going to ask um some
2085s questions though from the chat we can
2086s kind of go through here uh is subam my
2088s good versus all adcs in a 1 V one or are
2091s there losable
2093s matchups um generally speaking this
2096s character is going to win like pretty
2097s much every 1 V one versus adcs the
2100s exception would be Chloe because she
2101s does not lose one V ones especially
2103s against divers but other than that uh
2108s this character is going to have the
2109s advantage versus all the other adcs
2111s especially with just how slipper he is
2113s and how easy she can just dive into the
2114s backline adc's you know are fine for
2117s her uh does suame have SP issues at all
2122s no you don't have to worry about it
2123s really awesome uh you can build bread
2126s and te sometimes you run of as P Ric but
2128s not like no you don't have problems
2131s really mhm um for your boot upgrade um
2137s is Alexander's worse than racing boots
2139s is it a preference or you know what like
2141s is there any more uh information on that
2144s uh for this build in particular uh
2146s racing boots is better than Alexander
2148s but depending on the build you're going
2149s to find that Alexanders does more for
2152s example if you were running an inventory
2154s of these items but instead of Spectre
2157s you're running beautiful garment then
2160s you would actually prefer the Alexander
2162s over racing boots as it would do more
2164s damage but for this build in particular
2167s um racing boots just gives you the right
2169s amount of tax speed that you want to
2170s have in combinations with these
2173s items oh since we're on items here uh we
2175s do have people asking about radar as
2177s well why isn't radar an item that you
2179s build uh radar is a good option and it's
2183s definitely a viable slam like suppose
2185s you in suppose you in the Battle Zone
2187s and you would like to slam the force
2189s core and you don't like your teammates
2191s uh you can just slam the radar instead
2192s of the myth arm band but the primary
2195s advantage of this build in particular is
2197s that it's really cheap uh you'll find
2199s yourself finishing the build very very
2200s quickly and the force core you know you
2203s can give that to your Mage that needs
2205s like three four scores or whatever but
2207s um generally speaking this cheaper build
2209s is going to be better because you're
2211s spiking faster the tempo is higher and
2215s radar does not out damage myth arm B
2218s enough to justify going radar for the
2226s cost awesome ah just taking a look here
2231s uh should you be using Q to slow enemies
2234s or are you using it mostly just to proc
2237s uh your passive
2239s Stacks like is there yeah I can go like
2242s either way I guess yeah yeah yeah so you
2244s actually can uh use the Q to slow people
2247s cuz if you see the range it's going to
2248s be like suppose you're chasing someone
2250s and there's an opportunity where if you
2252s were to Auto but in the time that
2254s they're autoing they would walk out of
2255s your Q range and that and there's going
2258s to be some cases where you're going to
2259s find that especially when you're Chas
2261s pretty much only when you're chasing
2262s someone you're going you're going to
2264s want to Quee for the slow and then you
2265s can get the auto attack that way so
2267s there are situations definitely where
2268s you are queuing when they don't have any
2270s stacks on them it just depends mhm uh
2273s someone was also asking uh why do you
2276s build pedal torret over sud
2279s uh pedal torrent spikes is a lot of a
2282s better spike in the early game than c c
2285s stats are kind of mid pedal torret is
2288s really really good for taking down that
2290s single Target so I would just say I
2292s think pedal torrent is the B better
2295s item aome all right I think I do I have
2297s a couple other questions um but is there
2300s anything else you wanted to show them in
2301s practice tool before we moved on here to
2304s the fun part the Customs nope we're good
2306s you're good okay awesome so I will get
2308s the custom
2310s Lobby uh started here and then I'll get
2313s you the
2315s code let me just open it up
2319s here H I almost clicked the wrong
2321s thing all right and then we will get the
2325s code out to everyone else here uh so
2327s I'll put the code in the chat for you
2328s first cuz obviously we need to have you
2330s there always it' be a little
2334s awkward uh so whenever you can just join
2336s that Lobby and then yeah we're waiting
2338s for the lobby to fill with our wonderful
2340s viewers we'll just keep asking questions
2342s along the way
2347s here okay there we go okay so I will get
2350s this out to everyone else sorry I'm like
2354s tagging a bunch there we go okay so the
2356s code is in the chat for you guys to join
2358s and then we are just going to do
2359s completely random uh this time around so
2361s it's going to be a little bit exciting
2363s here I know someone kind of had a
2364s specific question so I will get that to
2367s you here it's got a screw up a little
2368s bit uh they said during last week's na
2371s RCS scrims they noticed you were
2372s struggling against a 1V one against
2374s Debbie and Marlene in the final Zone uh
2376s would you say this is a counter matchup
2378s or if it's difficult or do you have any
2380s like Insight on that uh specific matchup
2383s I do not remember that but I think it's
2386s a fine matchup uh demma can definitely
2389s be a little bit annoying because you
2390s know she can uh immune your everything
2394s with her W and there's a lot of CC and
2397s she can also just Des skill your R
2398s damage which is a lot but you know
2401s either character can win in that match
2402s up so yeah um this one we'll kind of
2406s probably highlight a little bit more on
2408s while we're in the game but you know we
2409s can kind of touch on it now uh how do
2411s you know when to separate yourself from
2414s your team uh when enemies are on low
2417s HP um that's probably where I think the
2422s difficulty in this character is because
2424s this is a character with really really
2426s high Mobility right so that's a
2427s difference between her and other adcs is
2430s that well everyone does damage but the
2432s special thing that subub has is she has
2434s a ton of movability she has a Dash in
2436s her e she has the ultimate which covers
2438s a ton of ground that like you don't even
2440s need the stacks on them you can just rip
2441s it and you're also running blink so the
2444s thing with suame is that you can pretty
2446s much get to anywhere in the fight in an
2448s instant if you have the
2450s abilities so it's a really difficult
2454s thing and
2455s um I will say uh I I just like I think
2459s the answer that is just depends it
2460s depends on the situation uh at the you
2463s can't be afraid of diving with suame and
2465s like going alone into like the backline
2468s or killing low HP targets or whatever
2470s but at the same time you don't want to
2471s be overeager just because you can
2473s doesn't mean that you necessarily should
2476s you have a ton of options on this
2477s character and that's where the skill is
2479s is sort of deciding which one to take in
2482s which
2483s situation yeah um and then of course I
2485s forgot to mention here but uh the
2486s winners for the uh two Customs do get
2489s 300 event NP which is just sent straight
2492s to your mailbox in game and yeah as
2494s Aquafina said in chat that's right you
2496s even get wiu to play here so you know
2499s you get a chance to not only play with J
2501s but maybe even wiu uh I mean that's kind
2503s of exciting or it could be like a
2504s downside too but hey you know game is
2507s game uh we have a couple more slots
2509s available here and then we're also doing
2511s another one after this so if you don't
2512s make it into the first one then you also
2515s get the uh the second one as well no you
2518s cannot have wokes uh whu that is not how
2520s that works and yeah any any rank can
2523s join uh anybody in the chat as well the
2525s code is posted so feel free to join it
2527s is all fun in games here uh anything
2531s else we could talk about here what would
2533s you say are some good teammates for
2536s suame and like what are some like bad
2539s ones um suame is a really flexible
2542s character so she can fit in a lot of
2545s Team comps but I ideally speaking you
2548s would like teammates that enable her to
2552s dive in the moments that she wants to
2554s but sub is a character at two modes you
2556s can play as an ADC in the backline
2558s because she just has the damage to
2560s support such a play style but at the
2562s same time you can also dive into the
2564s backline at any moment so I think like
2567s really good pairings with suame are like
2569s characters like Bianca Chiara that sort
2572s of thing or just other you know tanks
2575s are also good to pair so things like my
2578s and Alonzo that sort of
2581s thing we did have a full Lobby here so
2583s we did just we just just random this
2586s time around oh this is very awkward I I
2589s did random and you got in the same team
2591s with another suame player that's
2592s actually crazy he a suame one trick we
2594s take turns it's all good it's all good
2597s yeah all right here well we are going to
2598s get started uh we did random this time
2600s around so some of the teams they look a
2602s little bit silly going through here like
2604s I do see Chris and wols on the same team
2606s uh but hey you got Shan 999 and almost
2608s not Taco on your side uh looking here I
2611s mean this team comp how does it look uh
2613s for you in your
2614s favor uh this s of tube comp is fine you
2617s know it looks playable it's you know SW
2620s is flexible character so you don't have
2621s to worry about tube comp too much I
2622s think mhm awesome well that is good to
2626s see here we got some two uh frontliners
2629s uh for you here before we get started
2633s and you know uh I don't know if you had
2634s a chance to look at the lobby at all but
2637s you know is there any like characters in
2639s the lobby once we get into the loading
2640s screen here that you'd be worried about
2643s seeing in just a couple seconds cuz give
2646s you a chance a look yeah there we
2650s go uh Charlotte can be a little bit
2653s annoying but other than that everything
2654s else looks fine no yeah all right well
2658s that doesn't look too bad here before we
2659s get in you know uh once again you know
2661s we'll just kind of go through and see
2663s what your build uh looks like you know
2665s you can kind of talk a little bit more
2666s in depth you know see what other
2668s transition items you can get along the
2670s way and what not here but hey first you
2672s get to have fun in the uh you know the
2674s pracy area here which I just wanted
2676s plants to I mean that's kind of exciting
2678s can you do anything crazy with plants I
2679s don't even know very cool you can jump
2683s do damage you can heal do all sorts of
2685s stuff okay I meant like your character
2686s you know no no there's nothing cool
2689s there no there's oh oh okay well I tried
2694s that is okay
2695s though well let's see
2698s here I think I kind of got most of the
2701s questions that I have been seeing here
2705s before we move
2708s along I mean someone did at one point I
2711s think someone did ask actually no we
2714s could talk about this um for you know I
2716s know how you talked about subam is more
2717s of like an ADC now but would you
2719s describe her more as like a burst
2720s character or consistent damage uh she
2723s can kind of burst but she's definitely
2725s more of a consistent damage character
2727s rather than
2729s character so well we're getting right
2731s into it here so yeah you know the show
2732s is yours you know kind of just explain
2734s everything as you go and yeah good luck
2735s in your
2737s game so here we're just going to start
2739s in
2741s hotel gas station an thing oh yeah I
2744s lied gas station go Hotel the only thing
2746s is there's another sub on this exact
2748s route so we're going to have to hurry up
2749s a little bit
2751s mhm so we'll see how that
2756s goes um the nor thing about hotel second
2758s is that uh sometimes the stuff is going
2760s to be looted so like in situations where
2763s hotel is really populated I would start
2766s in um I'd rather start in fire station
2769s do fire station School Pond but in this
2771s particular Lobby uh this papping was
2774s fine so
2781s yeah is there any um like transition
2784s prep you should be looking for on the
2785s route or do you kind of get that later
2788s um you can on this route no but if
2792s you're starting fire station you can
2793s grab the uh the
2797s razor but on this route you are just
2800s going to and
2802s F and you can walk into stream and get
2804s the cross you can walk into hospital
2806s after and there's going to be a ton of
2807s prep there as
2809s well and then do you tend to like which
2812s way do you tend to pass to after getting
2814s your uh build online
2817s uh if you're ending in pond uh you can
2819s just do the Wolves over here and that's
2821s a pretty solid Choice cuz there's a lot
2822s of farm in this area so just go ahead
2824s and farm it and then uh
2828s go using the plant Tech to get to the
2831s stones oh my God yeah for
2836s sure I think we kind of already
2838s highlighted uh you know what characters
2840s could you hit on the route here I know
2841s you said just to kind of avoid Chloe so
2844s kind of avoid that when you can and yeah
2847s like you're pathing up towards Temple is
2849s this like your usual like routing after
2851s you're done in pond uh usually I would
2853s PA toward stream but because I was late
2855s to the wolves and I saw someone took it
2857s uh I just decided to PA up here
2859s otherwise I would usually go here or I
2860s would go police or stream depending on
2862s the P I see that's
2869s mhm I don't think zelus wants you to
2871s chase him yeah and this character will
2874s kind of just like beat up every range
2876s character
2892s much you
2894s sure taking a little bit longer there um
2897s I see your team grouped with you so I
2899s can't really ask that I was going to say
2901s ask you know like how early do you group
2902s with your
2904s team uh I don't really worry about that
2907s all just do my own thing and they should
2908s call me but
2913s yeah and then after so okay you guys are
2916s all grouped uh you know you guys are
2918s doing your thing is there a certain RNG
2920s that you like to pry uh going into day
2923s two sorry what did you say uh is there
2925s certain RNG that you like to pry before
2927s going into day two like are you looking
2929s to get a tree over a meteorite or you
2930s know vice versa um you can go to
2932s whichever objective but these this order
2935s is going to be
2939s uh this order is going to be the one
2943s that uh in the top right that's the
2945s transition order so you would like the
2947s tree first you would like the meteor
2948s either is fine and then like whichever
2950s one you don't get if you do get the
2951s first RNG you just buy out the kyos so
2953s it's not that good
2955s mhm aome well looks like we have a
2959s little bit of time here left before we
2962s get to see what happens next uh is there
2965s like a character that you like playing
2968s with the most in your on suame is there
2970s like a good really really good pairing
2972s and then you know you can throw any
2973s third in or does it really not matter uh
2976s my go is pretty crazy with suame um just
2979s because you get the chest piece and it's
2981s really really
2984s op other than that characters like TR P
2987s really well with suom cuz they both just
2989s enable the other character to do what
2991s they want thing
2995s mhm so here I just e arur the Lonzo to
2998s try to access onto the back there and
3000s that's like the sort of a Mobility you
3002s get like a ton of options on what you
3003s want to do so in that case I use my
3006s Mobility spell to get onto the back line
3008s and yeah I didn't press M so I don't
3011s think oh yeah someone's
3021s here yeah let's just leave it is
3025s okay that is we see what if he doesn't
3027s let you leave I mean he slammed the
3030s jacket he hates his
3032s team hey he's uh he's a DPS my you
3036s actually don't know oh I do
3039s know I forgot I guess he as your
3041s teammate maybe you do know a little bit
3042s more I think Taco's holding his own for
3045s a little bit though yeah he's still
3052s alive as mentioned earlier uh dra might
3056s lag a little bit here here and there so
3057s if you see that on the screen it is not
3059s a test and we're sorry when that happens
3061s but surely it doesn't happen at all
3062s maybe we'll just look out and you know
3064s it'll be a perfectly smooth custom
3066s should
3069s be it's okay my new router is coming in
3071s today it won't be
3075s fixed but yeah uh y this guy just B Med
3079s right it's kind of
3082s real does that happen often no I team
3087s usually hate me but is
3090s okay yeah nice thing about this build is
3092s that it's Mega cheap so you get online
3094s really really quickly and if you're
3096s playing subam I'd really recommend just
3097s taking all the RNG it BLS to you um
3101s unique thing about 0 carries is that all
3103s the items SK off of each other so you
3104s should really just be taking every RNG
3106s CU if you have one gold RNG the second
3109s gold RNG becomes even better you know
3111s that sort of thing mhm if you have more
3114s attack power the attack speed becomes
3115s even more valuable so yeah just take out
3117s the RNG it belongs to you not
3120s biased are you saying that as a carry as
3123s a character that's like meant to be the
3124s hyper carry or are you saying that
3125s because it's you no no like ad carries
3128s should be getting all the RNG before
3129s have characters generally speaking but
3132s yeah
3135s oh lock
3137s out just get this myth
3144s maybe uh I have another long winded
3147s question from Chris are you ready for
3148s this one yeah yeah yeah so whenever I
3151s fight poo he tends to dash onto me and
3153s instantly blow me up before I'm able to
3154s really fight back uh what about poo
3156s should I really be looking out for uh
3158s when this is happening uh should I be
3160s using my e in this matchup like how
3161s should I be using that so when he's
3164s spitting his Little Weapon thingy
3167s um is he is that the one that Dodges
3170s projectiles it's it's one it's
3173s like it's the it's the weapon spin in
3175s front of him right that dodges
3177s projectiles or is it the other one no
3179s it's that one oh yeah so when you're
3181s when that's going on don't don't hit him
3183s you want to use that time to make space
3186s and then when it's over you can start
3187s hitting it
3189s again okay so when he's doing the the
3192s the nunchuck throwing thingy you know in
3194s front of him you know making the shield
3195s just don't hit him and also his engage
3197s is really Telegraph when he starts
3199s spinning it uh so but it's like a
3201s different kind of spin it's like in his
3202s hand so when you see that just make sure
3204s you're ready to react with E and Dodge
3205s it mhm
3208s I see yeah
3212s yeah how about when Emma polymorphs you
3215s and you get 100 to zero how how do you
3216s win it's really unplayable that match up
3219s you cannot really do anything you sort
3221s of have to just wait it out or take an
3222s off angle where she she polymorphs you
3224s and you're isolated so that way when she
3226s does 80% of your HP um her teammates
3229s aren't there to finish you off and then
3230s you can fight
3232s back but uh otherwise it's it's pretty
3234s quicked and you have to play really
3235s really slow against
3239s this is more of a question for me but it
3240s says when's the next Professor on poo I
3242s think J might need a lesson after this
3245s one yeah did you have to tell me
3248s that hey yeah you know I just you know
3250s it is a question yeah I guess so yeah uh
3255s so who knows maybe we'll have a poo
3257s Professor uh soon or one day in the near
3260s future um is there ever a time that you
3263s would not pick suame with your comp or
3265s like with a comp I should say
3267s um if you have another ad carry then
3269s suami is not really necessary or another
3271s form of consistent DPS you can sort of
3274s there's probably going to be another
3275s pick that will uh round out your
3276s composition
3278s better whenever I see another ADC I'll
3281s just go ahead and like pick something
3282s else like can M inste
3291s think uh what at what point do you like
3293s to buy your attack skill or do you just
3295s always get that last um because uh this
3298s character's build is very
3300s cheap and um you know you you usually
3305s end up taking all the RNG as this
3306s character as well um you're going to
3309s very frequently be in situations like
3310s this where you are full build on day
3312s three and at this point I could buy my
3315s attack skill but instead the better
3318s option here is probably to save your
3320s credits and go for a VF instead um like
3324s you could buy the blink three but uh
3327s suame you want to just save forf
3329s probably and just go ahead and um you
3333s know transition your weapon to the uh
3334s gler
3343s instead oh gosh the double yuk that's
3346s got to go
3351s crazy uh here I messed up my ultimate so
3353s it's a little bit awkward if I had my
3355s ultimate still this gu would k a lot is
3364s here I didn't have to do
3369s that yo let I could have just flashed
3372s and kill them but uh I was kind of
3375s worried about my
3377s uh all good
3379s though
3381s yeah there's a lot of situations where
3384s you going to look back and like man I
3385s should have over there but in the moment
3387s it's always a hard decision to make and
3389s that's where where the skill comes in
3390s you know figuring out what's the correct
3392s situation to like just say you know just
3398s die uh they run over here and rest by
3400s the way but I'll probably just grab
3402s console and go back the
3405s box so kind and thoughtful letting them
3408s do their
3409s thing
3411s yeah that's a different
3413s team how come they got no transitions
3415s are they fing Shai a has where is the sh
3419s where are their
3424s items something looks weird something
3427s looks off yeah with their
3435s composition we could probably just kill
3441s them they're kind of infinite cutting us
3443s hold on give it a second
3447s we're we're getting there we're getting
3453s there to be honest I'd be worried that
3455s they'd be like leading you into
3457s something yeah they're kind of doing
3460s damage
3464s here like look at them they're losing
3478s all right good good looks good
3485s looks so that was like an abnormal um
3489s occurrence we don't
3491s really their team comp is kind of
3493s there's nothing they could do it's okay
3496s not their fault not their fault
3501s yeah so is buying chicken midf fight the
3504s best way to win the team fight it looks
3506s like it worked pretty well I just start
3508s fighting and noticed I didn't have food
3510s so you know just quick quick menuing
3512s will get you there you know like it
3513s might I think it made a difference you
3515s know like it might
3518s have oh this is a question that you
3520s might know who it's from just from the
3522s question uh I noticed that sub used to
3524s run Frailty can you use it next game
3525s instead of adrenaline no uh Frailty is
3528s pretty bad on sub you should probably
3530s not run it especially back then when you
3531s running the Helix build there's actually
3533s no reason to be running FY but I know
3535s there was like a certain top player in
3536s an that was doing it for some
3538s reason um even after I explained it to
3541s him but that's okay uh but for now fr's
3543s you know it's a viable option but I
3545s wouldn't really run it uh because
3547s adrenaline is just so good right now
3552s mhm and I think you may have explained
3554s this earlier as well but you know we'll
3556s touch on it again just in case if
3557s there's anyone new here um you know we
3560s notice say you order a VF and you're
3561s going to be going the the shuriken uh
3563s why do you stay on the base one instead
3565s of uh upgrading it uh the base one
3567s provides more armor pen than the Viger
3569s upgrade and it also gives you CDR so in
3573s the case of weapons like fail knut and
3576s uh you know black Le shuriken the
3578s deciding factor the Viger is definitely
3580s very useful um but the question it's a
3583s question of whether or not you want the
3585s uh CDR I think and on seom the CDR is a
3588s useful stat for giving you more up on
3590s your W and also more uh q's and E for
3593s Mobility so the CDR is good so that's
3596s why you keep it base but upgrading it if
3598s you looked at the lobby it looks really
3599s tubby just go ahead and upgrade it you
3602s know uh so this person is asking oh wait
3606s we might have a fight before we get into
3611s questions run
3617s party we're getting in there
3627s so here in that situation I could have
3629s do into the back line at any moment but
3631s I like if you just recognize that you're
3633s going to run the front to back uh I'd
3635s rather not take that sort of risk
3637s because we would end up winning the
3638s fight but then i' died and then i' be
3639s was to we did so that's why I play it
3642s that here just focus the yellow team
3644s because uh the other team is down a
3646s member
3650s anyway what is going
3654s on there's Master r over here
3657s let I hate that guy not not the guy the
3661s the ri
3663s guy oh yeah thanks for
3666s clarifying okay um now that the fighting
3669s is over um so to get better at suame
3673s should you be like directly clicking on
3676s the Target that you want to hit or is a
3678s clicking something that is fine to do um
3681s a clicking is fine but just keep in mind
3683s that if you hit the wrong target it is
3685s especially painful on sub because you
3687s have a three hit passive and if you um
3690s you know if you click a wrong target
3693s you're going to have to work to get all
3695s those stacks back
3697s on let's see we catch this guy I'll just
3699s RW here to make sure he dies and he's
3701s probably going to the wall we'll
3704s see ah
3706s oh I like it probably just going to have
3709s problem
3714s there maybe you should rent to can try
3717s to
3718s stop you would you wouldn't do that to
3720s your teammate would you no I hate that
3722s guy what also I don't think he res I
3725s didn't see anything on the
3738s map
3742s whoops here I could dra ult I'm thinking
3744s about it yeah
3748s just want to make sure he's really
3750s really alone cuz if I raw ult and then
3752s like I don't have it up for like the
3753s next fight that in it's really
3755s problematic it was
3767s fine so full of hate is that required to
3770s play this
3773s character uh no it is not I wonder who
3776s asked that
3789s one oh looks like look like you're in a
3792s pretty good spot for your team couple
3794s other people in the
3801s area we're about to get third ready
3809s maybe we go for the yellow team
3812s here
3816s oh there are a lot of D there that
3820s unfortunate I was we they all kind of um
3824s yeah kind of pulled
3827s up okay okay do not exit uh
3831s spectate cuz we're on your yeah here we
3833s go wow this Rim guy really does me that
3836s is
3837s crazy they had to
3841s um it was very important are there
3843s people like dead in on pbridge
3846s or are they resing I think they're
3848s resing in pbridge Jason all good
3852s so I'm not going to say that anything
3854s was coordinated but
3856s um yeah I mean I guess like is there
3858s anything else he would have done in that
3860s situation I mean is there like anything
3861s you're like oh you know I could have
3862s done this better or that um I think even
3865s if I played the initial fight better
3867s considering all the third parties going
3868s around like one of my guys is just dead
3871s I don't think we could have really done
3872s anything
3873s differently that fight in
3876s particular um I was kind of stuck
3878s hitting the alazo for the bit because
3879s there wasn't really anyone else in my
3883s range it looks like game is over PR
3887s F what if we clutches it no he won't
3890s it's
3892s okay I think he I think he's uh content
3895s with his um his iory
3900s there it's okay you know there's always
3903s there's always next one you never know
3905s what could happen in the next Lobby
3907s since you know everything is completely
3908s random as you wanted to do and yeah it
3911s could be a little bit different but uh
3914s congratulations to ARS Naim AAR you guys
3918s will get the 300 event NP again in your
3920s mailbox uh so make sure you keep an eye
3922s out for that later I will get us our
3926s next uh Lobby here in just a second uh
3930s once again uh remember you can just ask
3932s questions in the chat we'll pull them
3933s when we can and you know get them over
3935s to J to get you guys answers uh so if
3937s there's anything you guys want to know
3938s about suame or even like the game in
3940s general if you just have like any
3941s generalized questions about the game we
3943s can definitely go through those as well
3946s while we are here and while we go
3948s through our last custom of the night
3951s I'll get it into the the chat here with
3953s you so you can join the lobby
3957s get this all set up for
3960s us I'll get it out to everyone else
3966s here all right once again the lobbies
3969s are completely random uh so you'll never
3971s know who you could get your teammate is
3975s so how did the Emma have a
3978s couturier
3980s h they not a my on her team
3986s sure over
3988s there I I will not say what could have
3991s made what could have or may have
3992s happened I'm just know reading questions
3994s from the chat
3998s weird it happens I guess yeah you know
4002s it is what it is that is what I always
4003s say h a couple more slots available here
4006s uh thank you everyone for joining the
4008s Customs you know actually joining pretty
4010s fast as well that's really nice to see
4013s uh I hope you guys are having a great
4014s time as well two more slots available
4017s before we get going here and yeah any
4020s other questions make sure you guys just
4021s put them in the chat and I'll relay them
4023s through I don't know I just found one
4025s walking around I see all right we have
4030s our full Lobby here we'll get it random
4032s and then we will get
4034s going you got Taco
4037s again
4040s yeah all
4042s right let's see what happens this time
4045s around
4049s you are against
4052s uh a very interesting teams here this
4056s evening and I will say sorry now before
4058s um whatever happens happens yeah is
4062s there gonna be some
4063s motivation oh no I already see like that
4065s the triple the triple tank team um how
4068s does siame do against
4069s tanks
4071s um she actually does a lot of damage to
4074s tanks because her
4077s like I think it's like HP percentage
4079s somewhere but um you know like you H
4082s tanks and you'll kill them eventually
4084s but you you prefer fighting the
4085s squishier guys you
4091s know what would you say are uh some
4094s weaknesses to saame like for the people
4096s out there that like do not like your
4098s character and need tips on how to fight
4100s it like what are the tips you would
4102s give um the weakness of this character
4105s is her range it's like sort of
4108s compensated by the fact she has a lot of
4111s mobility and she can get places pretty
4113s fast but if you make sure like for
4117s example ideally you want to start the
4120s fight going you want to start the fight
4123s with subam walking into you because if
4125s subam has to start her the fight like
4126s suppose she uses her e to um you know
4130s get in and start autoing that's like a
4131s minus one mobility spell that she has to
4133s work with as the team fight is uh going
4136s on but another thing is just remember
4139s that when she ults you
4141s um you know she's going to appear behind
4145s you and also um what's it called you
4148s have to remember that she can always ult
4150s even if you don't have three stacks on
4152s you so you have to be eventually ready
4153s for
4159s that I think this is a question that was
4162s asked like a while ago but I know I
4163s didn't ask it yet um they're asking
4166s about heavy knee pads being an augment
4168s they knew that she ran that like in
4170s previous Seasons uh why isn't that
4172s something that is being ran on her
4173s anymore um I actually think heav KNE
4176s pads is pretty decent uh I tested it
4178s myself this season and it's definitely a
4179s good option it works well with you know
4182s sort of trying to compensate for the
4184s weaknesses that this character has but
4188s um ultimately adrenaline just provides
4191s way too much damage to justify running
4194s the heavy defs M but it's not like weak
4197s it's just that I gener is
4209s stronger lot of katas this time around
4211s how how do you fair into
4213s kadia oh it's pretty easy once you're
4215s able to get on her but if you aren't
4217s able to find that clean angle then you
4220s will uh definitely shle
4226s so my inventory is kind of booming right
4236s now guy hates
4238s me I think he hit him first yeah but I
4241s was just trying to click the ground well
4244s you shouldn't have clicked
4246s him I'll make sure to apologize later
4250s yeah that is our our erob host right
4253s there you better apologize to him later
4265s yeah my arrow here is pretty slow cuz I
4267s spawned onto a dis that was already
4269s looted honestly I probably should have
4271s walked up here instead of down here but
4273s that's okay
4275s happens my God it's B shichi I have to
4277s Ego this even though I like lose this m
4279s most of the
4283s time he prepped Q on the bat
4288s mind this guy actually blows that is
4290s crazy but anyways
4294s um I don't think you could say that
4296s Professor about
4303s wokes what what if like he's like a
4305s future professor and he says the same
4307s thing that'd be
4309s crazy WS would not make it
4312s as how do you know
4317s I know just a
4321s feeling this is more of like a like a
4323s generalized question now who's your
4325s favorite character right now in the
4327s game uh I really enjoy right now so I'd
4330s actually answer her but usually I just
4332s will change my character based on uh or
4334s like my main based on whatever is better
4336s right now and right now s just have to
4338s be really really strong and she's also
4339s really fun with her rework
4343s so I about to ask if like your your
4346s character changes depending on your mood
4348s I mean it
4350s does you know sometimes in I'm in a f
4352s mood yeah I don't know if you want to
4355s bring up your Fiora I've uh I've seen
4357s some
4358s things just depend on the day you know
4360s yeah
4363s yeah it's okay I I'll uh I'll spare you
4366s and we'll we not talk about your Fiora
4368s cuz you know we're on the subam
4369s professor uh not the Fior Professor uh
4372s which unfortunately I don't think you
4373s would qualify for but that's okay you
4375s qualifi for the suame one here
4381s um so here I TP stream because um we are
4385s testing the temple tree but you don't
4386s really want to sit here for a whole
4388s minute and do nothing and to make sure
4389s you're actively doing something so you
4392s know at least I got two camps I can go
4393s to campire and cook it's a little bit
4394s better than just afking right
4397s there I know this was highlighted
4399s earlier but uh someone is asking in the
4401s chat so we'll kind of talk about it once
4402s again since it was like at the very
4403s beginning of the uh program here uh
4406s someone was asking what was the subub
4408s rework like what abilities were reworked
4412s Etc
4414s um her ultimate change so that back then
4418s it was you could only ult on three
4419s stacks and her play style was
4422s essentially like you know centered
4424s around figuring out how to get three
4425s stacks and then getting onto the back
4427s line very quickly killing
4428s them but uh now she's more in an ADC
4432s more of a balanced play style less uh
4435s hey for the game that's
4445s R my
4450s god oh this is an easy one what is your
4452s favorite
4454s color uh it's a hard one I don't know
4457s you don't have a favorite
4459s color I could give like a fake answer I
4461s think he was pretty cool okay well I
4464s mean we don't we
4466s what if like we want real answers like
4467s so is blue your favorite color then yeah
4470s it could be I don't know has it change
4472s depending on the day yeah s like that
4475s okay so if today today out of all days
4477s what's your favorite color today then
4480s blue
4483s okay um how about uh what's your
4485s favorite emote which I mean I think
4486s people may be able to guess it just for
4488s watching you play I like this one it's
4491s pretty funny it's fun I just I just I
4493s just Spam my this emote it's like a tick
4495s I just can't stop it's either that or
4497s the thumbs up just depends I don't
4499s really think about it it just
4506s happens someone is asking if you could
4508s talk about
4509s Adella what about Adela oh they're just
4512s asking like hey how's your I think I
4515s guess you've been playing a lot of
4516s Adella recently how how's that been
4517s going I'm a bit of a prodigy I don't hit
4519s any skill shots but I still win oh
4522s that's crazy
4524s yeah hey that's I'm saying Aqua
4526s storytellers Professor
4528s one for real yeah where's that guy
4531s they're on the come up I'm
4536s sure oh this is a it's going to be an
4539s interesting question you might have to
4540s wait a second while this fight happens
4542s before asking it cuz it could be a
4544s longwinded
4547s one what is going on
4550s by did RIM just go heart
4556s terminated oh
4560s my something strange is going
4565s on check this out there's like Charlotte
4568s in this Bey so I grab the cowboy hat for
4570s the kill cut
4573s and oh wow oh
4576s wow what the
4579s hell um oh they're exploding okay oh
4584s wait these guys are exploding too
4597s okay okay there's too much going
4603s on there are way too many people
4605s exploding and not enough people living
4607s how many people are in that Battle Zone
4609s it is still going yeah myo guy got it
4612s cook him
4616s guess did you see that there's nine
4618s people in
4621s uptown okay so the long-winded question
4624s here uh what do you think about the
4625s level of skill in
4628s na
4630s um like in one sets like how we compare
4633s to Korea competitive sets
4636s or I think na is uh I think our top
4640s players are a lot a lot better than our
4643s uh not top players I think is the way I
4646s would put it there's like a huge like
4649s skill disparity between like the top and
4650s like the middle SL bottom yeah like I'd
4653s say there's a big disparity between like
4655s I'd say about like top 15 top 20 of Na
4660s and then like the
4661s rest if that answers the question
4665s mhm not really sure how else the answer
4668s it yeah it's kind of a it's kind of like
4670s a open-ended you know so you kind of
4672s take it where want it sounds like they
4673s just want me to say I hate my region or
4674s something
4678s oh you love the naen yeah for
4682s sure where should we go honestly I don't
4686s really want to fight these guys because
4688s we didn't get the chance to buy
4693s out
4700s good uh so someone was asking how do I
4702s stop this character from three shotting
4704s me as a
4706s tank
4708s um you could probably build items or
4710s something that make you a little bit
4711s tankier but I don't think she does that
4713s much damage that she would a three shot
4716s a
4718s tank but she is definitely strong the
4720s tanks because
4722s um what's it called yeah this uh passive
4725s will do Max HP damage so it does 10% of
4729s targets match Max HP every time I
4731s resolve the three hits which is pretty
4733s good
4737s um have another question um is J going
4740s to be added to the hall of professors
4741s who didn't win a
4743s custom uh Sur this is the one
4748s yeah last game last game was kind of
4750s messed
4752s up some stuff some collusion perhaps
4757s yeah it looks like there's actually one
4758s team eliminated already I did did you
4759s happen to see which team that
4762s was Master maker they they wipe when the
4766s heart blaz pass me into the other team
4768s for fun
4772s maybe yeah I think some of the collusion
4774s on your side is
4777s gone oh oh H oh it's okay it's just
4782s a it's just it's just a minor
4785s malfunction it happens sometimes are you
4787s good yeah yeah you know how about one of
4789s those per R game but you know it's no
4791s big deal we make the best of it
4796s it's okay it's over now before anything
4797s happened like everyone had their chance
4800s and now it's
4802s over surely it never happens
4811s twice
4813s um Pond I guess on my team die out
4820s first is there any teams that you're
4822s worried about still in this Lobby like
4824s if you had take a look is there a team
4826s you're like yeah I don't really want to
4827s fight that at
4829s all
4830s um just give me a second I'm about to
4833s die while I'm
4835s looking this is not me trying to like
4837s collude with the
4840s lobby all the matchups seem fine I
4842s wouldn't say there's anything that looks
4846s bad supp he was running away from
4848s somebody
4851s yeah there a l i guess there's no point
4854s going down there
4858s more or there was a point we have
4860s nowhere to go otherwise just be down
4863s it's
4865s okay that team just isn't too strong
4868s with those two boxes they got but we
4870s don't really have any other good plays
4871s the other play would be to walk all the
4872s way back to fire and then teleport
4875s somewhere so
4877s uh you know here we'll just take the
4879s fight take our chances hopefully it goes
4881s okay
4901s oh
4905s awkward
4907s so
4909s so did something go wrong there yeah I
4912s kind of thought that TI would bat skill
4914s me but then I didn't blink on time so I
4917s died and then I blinked anyway and then
4919s I died so after I Tim the I probably
4922s should
4923s blink it is
4928s okay new spinner said yo J when are you
4931s playing with double
4932s left uh it's going to happen soon yeah
4935s we see what next time he play
4938s Z the
4941s experiment a Survivor has returned to
4943s the experiment
4946s we are kind of
4952s broke do we just go down there and fight
4954s them
4956s again I Professor I mean that's that
4959s should be something I'm asking
4962s you I don't think I don't think we're
4964s making it it's
4966s okay like if I were closer I would
4968s definitely just go fight for fun but uh
4972s yeah know that is okay
4982s always down to we
4994s no feel there's no occlusion on your own
4997s team
4999s here got me it's
5003s okay all right much places to go oh
5008s oh
5011s oh that's crazy what happened to wiu I
5014s don't
5018s know I think their guy was dead on the
5020s ground
5028s right oh it's St resing
5032s here hurry up
5035s never
5037s mind kind of awkward all
5041s good these credits
5045s these uh here's another good one here
5049s uh is qat plus crit Helm like the gpn V
5054s fine as a setup as well mhm that works
5057s as well uh this build the difference
5059s between I used to run that build but the
5061s difference between this build and the
5062s gpn VG Cube watch setup is this build
5065s is tank here it gives more defense and
5068s it gives like the HP but the strength of
5070s that build is that it let you run
5072s dismantle over frenzy and you know it
5074s also does more damage mm but uh this bu
5077s just stin
5080s here
5084s um looks like that team is busy fighting
5087s another team so we just got
5090s the very
5093s cool uh why should you play suame over
5096s heart this is kind of like an
5098s interesting one as I know heart is the
5100s other like really strong uh ADC right
5102s now uh they provide pretty different
5104s things suame is pretty mobile but the
5107s difference is that Hart
5108s has a lot of utility and the strength
5113s the unique strength of that character is
5114s her utility and her ultimate and
5117s repositioning with the dashes but um
5120s they do prefer they do fulfill different
5123s rules like they aren't just like a one
5125s to one when iser when is weaker like har
5128s will be paired with a lot of characters
5129s that can take advantage of her ultimate
5131s whereas like otherise like I think like
5133s suame is a better fit if the composition
5135s can't complement the uh heart mechanic
5138s of like her making everyone
5146s dance well we got the wick uh how often
5150s would you say that you fight for Wick
5152s like even if you're behind you always
5153s try to go for it or like how is sub's
5155s Wick take you know anything you can
5157s provide there I kind of just go for Wick
5159s every game to be
5161s honest like if like if it's possible you
5164s know playing to win something is going
5168s on over here should probably Focus red
5169s team they look to be higher
5175s H I don't think we're getting those guys
5180s so the other team probably tped all but
5182s we should go check just in case gra the
5184s Cs all that
5193s stuff I think this one we probably
5195s already talked about a little bit but
5196s we'll get back into it again um if subam
5198s a character you would contest day two
5200s objectives with oh yeah she is
5203s definitely very stronger than the early
5204s game and it is totally fine to the
5206s contested
5208s objectives she like especially in the
5210s early game where
5212s uh especially in the early game where
5214s things are a lot more uncoordinated like
5217s as him the front liners are not always
5218s in front of their backliners CU you know
5220s there's less risk you can definitely uh
5223s just die really easily and one shot some
5227s guys I would prefer pushing out here but
5231s I guess we do need to get some items as
5240s well looks to be like not in a bad spot
5243s here I didn't quite see who was
5245s eliminated out of the lobby yet so I
5247s don't know if any like crazy things are
5248s going to happen I know Rim was kind of
5249s the one who probably started things last
5251s game that made it crazy and he's out
5253s this time so uh maybe no more crazy
5256s collusions going on but I I can't be
5258s 100%
5260s sure that's really weird I don't know
5262s where the Bobby is cuz they R they must
5265s be able Pond then so we should go uh out
5270s I think we cleared Factory I hope we did
5274s there might be some rats in the corners
5276s but we don't really have to worry about
5278s that let just go ahead and get out on on
5280s the map and
5283s stuff uh how would you play against
5286s suame if you're a Melee
5289s character um the important thing is to
5292s not let her get stacks on you for free
5294s and let her get damage on you for free
5295s you especially have to be careful of
5296s just like giving her like a free way
5299s into the back line if she just hits you
5300s three times and go the you to your back
5302s line she kind of just one shot them so
5303s you have to be kind of careful
5306s that uh but it's also you have to keep
5309s in mind that you just need to remember
5310s that if you're in a Wonder going toam
5313s more likely than not you are probably
5315s going to lose unless you are very
5316s mindful of all the stuff she has all her
5319s mechanics you know that's thing mhm uh
5322s here we are pushing into ISO looks kind
5324s of unplayable we will see how it goes
5337s oh nice
5339s w wow it looks like you're not part of
5342s the um wow I guess you call
5345s like I don't I don't want to say it now
5348s it's like not something i' ever say the
5349s opposite of I was going to say the Hall
5351s of
5352s Shame you're like part of the Hall of
5354s Fame instead you know you got your win
5355s in your custom so congratulations uh to
5359s you and to you know the other people on
5361s your team here getting the last one I
5364s was trying to like be quiet I was like
5365s oh God like praying that you don't
5366s actually like lag you did twice that
5368s game so I was just keeping myself uh
5371s chill and uh see what would happen oh
5374s yeah and for those asking I know some
5376s people are asking in the chat bant is in
5378s the chat if you did need to ask him
5379s about his tney or you know get any help
5382s with that as well he is looking for help
5383s with that so you can definitely uh talk
5386s to him there and yeah so the winners uh
5389s it's not going to be a code Taco it'll
5391s be just 300 event NP that gets sent
5393s straight to your mailbox in game so you
5396s will get that soon I don't know if you
5398s guys get it the same day it might be a
5399s day or two but it will show up uh so no
5401s worries there uh but other than that I
5404s think that is all we have for you guys
5406s tonight is there anything else that you
5407s wanted to mention here or you know any
5409s shout outs you wanted to give or
5410s anything like
5412s that um well I guess for like that last
5414s fight you could sort of see like that's
5416s the sort of reason you would play subal
5418s is you know I'm hitting the front line
5419s I'm hitting the front line and then I
5421s was able to instantly Senter the back
5423s line just like Flink and then Ed we all
5425s like no stacks on the iso when you know
5428s I thought it was necessary you can
5430s reposition really quickly like that and
5431s the fight was so fun of that so I think
5433s that's sort of like why I didn't really
5435s dive like that hard but you know you see
5437s the sort of like balance of that
5438s character so
5440s yeah yeah well is there any um shout
5443s outs you wanted to give as well here
5445s before uh you know I do our final
5447s goodbye and you know give a closing to
5449s everyone yeah shout outs to Lucy for
5451s inviting me to do this professor it was
5453s very fun
5455s yeah you're welcome is that what you're
5456s fishing
5457s for I wasn't fishing for anything I was
5460s a genuine like you know did you want to
5462s shout out anything people usually shout
5463s out their stream but hey I'll take I'll
5465s take the prop anywh get it twitch.tv j7
5468s to go check it out
5470s probably yeah awesome um yeah so as you
5474s all know we do uh Professor the uh first
5478s Monday of every month but the next
5481s Professor I believe is on the second
5483s Monday of next month I'll just wait for
5485s clarification I know we talked about it
5487s prior I was just looking for the exact
5488s date here uh on this side here um so
5492s make sure you guys keep it out for that
5493s yes it is on the screen there boom I was
5495s right it is a second Monday August 12th
5498s uh so same time 700 p.m. E I do not have
5501s your next Professor yet but it will be
5504s announced uh soon so once we figure out
5506s who that will be we'll definitely get
5507s that out to you guys and as per usual uh
5510s make sure you guys check us out on ercs
5512s as well not only me as being one of your
5514s casters but Jass is also on one of the
5516s teams as well homeless laptops so if you
5518s are a huge fan you know you can check
5520s them out there this is going to be an
5521s off week for them but the following week
5523s they will be back and other than that I
5526s just want to say thank you to the staff
5527s for letting us do this every first
5529s Monday of the month it's always really
5530s fun and it's really fun to see you guys
5532s as well in the chat uh you know every
5534s time it gets bigger and better and it's
5535s amazing to see everyone come around and
5538s other than that thank you once again J
5541s for joining us here I hope you had a lot
5542s of fun and I will see you guys next time
5545s at RCS actually I almost said uh for
5547s professors so yeah see you guys in about
5549s uh two weeks for RCS and all have a nice
5551s night see you guys later
5693s oh oh
5724s n
5811s oh
5821s n
5846s he
5901s oh

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