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You get the same person here as you do in the HOI4 forum - me!

DXDIAG is a program you run from the Windows search box on the task bar. After running it will open a window and start collecting info with a progress bar in the lower-left corner. When it completes click the 'save all information' button and save it to a file then attach that file here.

Please attach here your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/settings.txt and pdx_settings.txt .
From your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/logs/ folder, attach here system.log , error.log .  
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User978793 said: i see that in system.log file, there's a sentence telling RefreshRate=60, so i don't know why in the game it shows 50.
Me either, honestly. Do you have Catalyst loaded? If so try unloading, it may be getting in the way.

User978793 said: wouldn't be better to set the max_refresh_rate from 75 to the actual refresh rate?
In HOI4, sure. That setting does not exist in EU4.

What exactly are you trying to achieve here, what problem are you trying to solve? Or you'd just like the numbers to line up nicely?  
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User978793 said: In the DXDIAG.txt it's written pratically everything about the system seutp, right?
In general, yes. Not every single thing of course!

User978793 said: so you are also telling me to set the refreshrate and max_refresh_rate manually to 60 without using the GUI of the game?
The refresh rate can be set in the launcher, in the game, or by manually editing the settings files. All should be effective in both games. The Max rate however can only be changed for HOI4, that was never implemented in EU4.

User978793 said: in EU4 seems like even if it says in the GUI 50Hz but in settings.txt it's set to 60, so it's totally perfect, right?
in fullScreen with Vsync on the game will, or should, use the refresh rate that Windows is using. Same with borderless or windowed modes regardles sof Vsync. In fullScreen with Vsync off, it should use the rate set in the settings file.  
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Is that as measured by some app?  
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Then you don't actually know the game is running at that rate, it seems to me. You can turn on fps display in Steam for an actual measurement.