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I know it seems like it but the launcher cannot be the problem, as when the game starts it gets completely unloaded.

Not all old versions are still available, as Steam restrict how many betas a game can have.

Other reports I've seen say that the 1.3.1x patches are slower than the 1.30.x patches, and that 1.31.x will not load the DLCs when run from eu4.exe  
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I've seen that happen when Windows is downloading some large update in the background. If you run Update app does it find anything to apply? If so do that and reboot.

When you say "no other games" does that including our similar games like CK2?

Please attach here your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/settings.txt and pdx_settings.txt .
From your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/logs/ folder, attach here system.log , error.log .  
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sharkeyyyy said: Edit: It appears, as before, that I can stop the stuttering by launching EUIV.exe directly from the folder, not using Steam, and this stops the stuttering.
Does that prevent the DLCs from loading? If so, you could see if those are what's doing it by disabling them all in Steam then run the game from Steam.

sharkeyyyy said: To my mind it coincided with the new launcher, but I can't be sure.
When the game loads the launcher is unloaded, so it can't be doing this directly. The only interaction there could be the Game Settings in te launcher, and as yu can see there are only a few and the are the same as you get when running eu4.exe anyway.

Can I et a new dxdiag please.  
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sharkeyyyy said: Edit II: launching the .exe directly does not prevent DLC from loading.
It will eventually :D

sharkeyyyy said: the game never had this issue until my initial post.
But back then you said:
sharkeyyyy said: That's the previous thread, I thought the issue was fixed but soon after I wrote that it was resolved it started again.
So it went back to Oct 2020 at least, apparently.

You also said then:
I currently have EUIV set up using version 1.29.6 for use with the MEIOU&T submod, though the problem persists without any mods.
But now you say
sharkeyyyy said: I've been playing the mod MEIOU&T Version 2.60.03 on EUIV Version 1.29.6 without stuttering or issues.
So it came, then went, then came again? Something like that?

From that dxdiag I'd normally get you to update the nVidia driver but I see there have been none in the > 5 years since ... do you have access to any other computer to see if you et this too? Preferably one with newer hardware!  

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