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If you load this save on any other machine you might have access to, do you get the same problem?

If so probably best to post that save in Bug Reports here, for QA to look into.  
14 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
If it is a Steam glitch, as I think you are saying, then we won't be looking into it further.

FYI we don't have other such reports so it's very likely a Steam installation issue on your machine. A clean Steam reinstall (delete everything in the Steam folder except steam.exe and the /SteamApps/ folder) will probably fix it.

Venatorae said: When you launch the game without Steam it indicates with an error message that some code hooks into steamworks - If after the troubleshooting I have done above you believe it is a bug with the EU4 <-> steam hooks as I do, can you please move the thread to the appropriate forum category. If QA is interested in identifying the issue, if any, please let them know to reach out to me.
This is WaD for EU4, it's not a bug.  
14 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
grotaclas said: Do you have confirmation about this from the developers?
I was referring to the dialog that comes up when you run the game from eu4.exe , saying some features may not work properly when the game runs that way (eg mods, sometimes DLCs). I'm sure that's WaD, yes, as no doubt they wrote it deliberately!

I wasn't aware of the two different Steam IDs thing, no.