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FYI Ubuntu is the only supported distro for our games.

JacobM33 said: The game works fine when at 4k, although the UI is too small to read
Did you try using the gui_scale= adjustment in settings.txt ?

I can't see what driver version you have, but this is the latest:

I see you are running quite an old version of the game in that video, can I ask why?

Your basic problem is that when you start the game the lower edge of the game screen is off the monitor, is that right?

Please attach your Documents/Paradox/EU4/settings.txt and pdx_settings.txt .
From your Documents/Paradox/EU4/logs/ folder, attach system.log .

Also in Steam please click on Steam-Help-System Info, and paste everything there into a text file and attach that here.  
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I don't see any obvious cause for your problems in those text files, I'm afraid. Both seem to relate to the mouse cursor's apparent and real positions not being lined up right, or rather that in some circumstances that happens whereas in others they line up just fine. Quite bizarre.

What's especially odd is you say you get the gui_scale tooltip issue in Windows too; I must have recommended that option dozens of times to Windows users by now and so far as I know none have seen that effect - I'm sure they would have told me!

Similarly with your issues on Linux; we'd know for sure if everyone got those!

I really don't know what to suggest, in all honesty. There doesn't seem to be any kind of tech tweak we can use to get you past these issues.  
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If you feel these issues are essentially game bugs, then you should post them in new threads in the Bug Report forum, with screenshots, videos, the above text files, and whatever else QA might need to reproduce the problem.

Good luck with that!  
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versehgi said: I'm experiencing the same problem. I bought the game on Steam and can't play it because the mouse cursor and its real position are not aligned. Even if I use the notebook screen, not a 4K monitor, this problem persists
Please start a new thread rather than reopening an old one, thanks - the game has changed a lot in 2 years! Supply there detailed system information and problem history, thanks.  

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