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What version and checksum show in the main game menu?

DXDIAG is a program you run from the Windows search box on the task bar. After running it will open a window and start collecting info with a progress bar in the lower-left corner. When it completes click the 'save all information' button and save it to a file then attach that file here.

Please attach here your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/settings.txt and pdx_settings.txt .
From your Documents/Paradox Interactive/EU4/logs/ folder, attach here system.log , error.log .  
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You may as well update that nVidia driver to November 2021:
Download Drivers | NVIDIA
And I see crashes in eu4.exe in that dxdiag. What antivirus app do you use? Add EU4.exe to the exceptions list of your antivirus app; ESPECIALLY if you have Windows Defender, add it to the Ransomware "Apps Allowed Through" list.  
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Earlier as in before the current patch 1.34.1 ?  
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Those saves crash for me too. This does look like a bug now, I'm afraid. Most likely it only happens with a particular DLC involved that you did not have access to before.

Please make a new thread over in Bug Reports, and attach those save games from above for QA to look into.

Sorry about that!  
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If this campaign is using Random New World, that setup is starting to look like it causes game bug, I'm afraid.

Until it can be fixed please only play campaigns without using that feature.

Sorry about that!