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01 Mar

28 Feb

Greetings! A new week, a new Dev Diary, and this time it is about our final big country of the DLC, England, and its follow-up nation of Great Britain. Similar to Russia, England and Great Britain received their content update with 1.25 which is now almost 5 years old. While the British mission tree was one of the most extensive in its time, it has become quite outdated and was in dire need of receiving an update in order to keep England on the same level as the other great powers which are seeing a liftover with 1.35.

So, let’s get started!

These are all the missions you have available as England and as Great Britain. These missions are available to everyone who forms GB.

The mission tree is split into several themes:
- The internal affairs and issues of England, which were the War of the Roses, the Eng... Read more
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27 Feb

24 Feb

22 Feb

21 Feb

¡Hola a todo el mundo, y bienvenidos! In this week’s Development Diary, we will be talking about the content that we have created for Spain and the different Iberian countries, mainly Castile and Aragon, as they are the top runners for its formation.

First of all, for the redesign of Spain’s content for the upcoming DLC, we took a bit different approach than other countries that have been shown in the previous weeks, following this line of thoughts:
- We thought that its mission trees did not need a major overhaul, as it was already quite developed in Golden Century, covering most of the Conquest & Colonization paths required as Spain; therefore, we aimed to redesign its structure, adding a few missions here and there to get some extra flavor, and to rework triggers and rewards, to update them in line with the other Great Powers.
- We also decided to put more effort into adding more ‘mechanical content’ instead.
- On top of that, we also decided to add more ... Read more
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17 Feb

16 Feb

15 Feb

14 Feb

Bonjour! Welcome to this week’s Development Diary where we will be taking a closer look at the new content for France. Before we begin, I would like to take a moment and discuss the idea behind giving content to France and other countries which have already received content of any form in previous years. The idea behind revisiting them for the upcoming DLC is that we want to elevate them up to our current standards of quality and aim at making these nations fun again for people who have completed several campaigns before, already. In addition, we consider France alongside the Ottomans and some of the other Great Powers as the final big bosses of the campaign, powerful and scary, but at the same time not railroaded towards success.

To be clear, the content displayed here (missions, reforms and events tied to the tree) will be part of the DLC. We’ll also be adding a lot of new content in update 1.35 for free, but we’ll talk about that later in March (although we already gave an ... Read more
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07 Feb

Privet! Welcome to this week’s Dev Diary, which is all about Russia. The last time Russia saw any big changes was with the release of “Third Rome” in 1.22 and the addition of their mission tree in 1.26. Ever since not a lot has happened there. 1.35 will change this as we are revisiting this region and updating it so it can keep up with Scandinavia, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottomans.

All numbers and art you see here are not final.

So let’s take a look at what we have for Russia!

The mission tree for Russia is split into two sections: the one you currently see is the Muscovite section, while the mission “Found the Tsardom” updates your tree with the actual Russian part. As Muscovy is the major player in this region, I have decided to focus first and foremost on their update, which is why we have this part here.

However, the Russia mission tree you get when forming Russia looks a bit different - depending on who you form Russia ... Read more

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